Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Happenings

I got through an enormous work milestone yesterday afternoon, and it's like a huge weight off my chest. I have another one next week, so once we get through that phase, I will return to the busy but not crazy times. I'm so looking forward to that. The majority of my intense stress will be done, independent of deadlines. And, for that I'm grateful. M & I had a cocktail by the pool yesterday afternoon, celebrating the end of some deadlines. It was really lovely, and we are soaking up the gorgeous sunny days. 

M made gyozos last night, and they were so delicious. These were just the frozen kind, but mine never end up right. He has the patience for really experimenting with different prep & types of ingredients. Whatever he did, we loved them. Sam, M & I nibbled on those while Nick was at tennis lessons. We are putting those back on the shopping list. Yum!

As for today, the boys have a soccer tournament, about a 45 minute drive away. Nick is subbing for a team that needs players. For the first time ever, the boys are playing against each other. (They've played against each other in scrimmages more than once, but always for the same club, and never in any "real" capacity). Sam switched clubs last season, and is now playing at a higher level. I have no idea why Nick's (sub) team is unlucky enough to have drawn Sam's team, but here they are. The two teams are quite far apart, in terms of skill level. My only asks are 1) for good sportsmanship 2) no fouling of your brother 3) no trash talking, in the car or otherwise. 

Sam then plays again almost immediately after the game against Nick, while Nick's team drew the late game. It's going to be a full day, and we won't be leaving the fields until 9 pm+, making it an 8 hour day of soccer. 

Both boys play again tomorrow morning, & then whomever is in the finals plays that afternoon. 

The busy tournament schedule is one of the reasons I pushed so hard on my work projects last week/weekend, as I knew I wouldn't have time this weekend. 

Here's what's on the to do list for today, ahead of leaving for the tournament:

  • Pack some snacks, sneakers & the like for me to use during warmups, & lots of water for everyone
  • Work out
  • Make a menu (done, I think)
  • Make a shopping list
  • M will go to Costco & the produce stand
  • Dishes
  • Defrost ground beef for tomorrow's dinner

I will somehow have to do laundry when we get home, because the boys definitely can't wear the uniforms two days in a row. Not sure how that will work out, given the late game tonight & early morning tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday! What are you up to today?


  1. ooh can't wait to her about this game!

  2. Saturday is my sabbath day. I generally rest. However, today, I will work on my October budget, and declutter my kitchen.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that the game goes well.

    Yep I remember the laundry late at night thing.

    God bless.

  4. It will be fun to hear the results of the tournament. Oh I remember the laundry of uniforms at 11:00 for 8:00 a.m. games the next day, but you're right. They need to be washed.

  5. Every time I hear about soccer and baseline team commitments, I quail. The kids are far enough apart in age that I can hope that managing their activities won't be an issue but I refuse to sign up for 8 hour days of games all day, my body can't take that! :)

    Well done managing the work thing!

    1. Yeah, this is a hard age, as kids activities definitely increase in time commitments, but the kids very much have their own perspective of which they would like to pursue. I keep reminding myself that we are only a year out from having a driver. Also, I could have carpooled, but had two kids in the same tournament, so it didn't make much sense. We ended up having two long days, as Sam's team made the finals yesterday afternoon.