Friday, October 29, 2021

Frugal Friday

It was a lovely weekend away, but we are now back to our regularly scheduled life. Here are a few wins we've had, in the frugal department.

Saving money on things we buy

  • I noticed that the hotel didn't apply the $50/night food credit that was supposed to be included, so asked about it at check out. It was applied to the bill as one total, which worked out perfectly, as we had spend just less than $50 on one of the days. 

Earning money

  • On the work front, I received another high score for the last six months of work, which will translate into a higher bonus, salary & stock. More than exceeds all of my other frugal wins for the year, but not as fun as the daily wins. ;-) 
  • I paused my eBay sales while I was traveling, but sold a hoodie

Avoiding spending

  • Tried to mostly eat at home, despite our guests. We did pretty well, and I had leftovers for lunch a few days. 
  • Took my parents to the airport, & used the electric car, saving fuel costs. 
  • Picked tomatoes & jalapenos from our garden.

Eating what we have

  • We didn't end up having the one pan chicken rice on Wednesday, so I made it on Sunday. It used more of the long peppers, as well as two bags of chicken from the freezer. I was also able to substitute garden jalapenos for the recipe indicated canned chiles. 
  • We also had the two bags of Korean beef I prepped & froze a couple of weekends ago, and had that with rice for dinner one night
  • We also picked our first pomegranate from our tree! We all love them, so we're excited to try them. We have A LOT of pomegranates. 
  • We continue to pick tomatoes (bringing them inside to ripen) off of our plants.
  • Nick made a loaf of French bread to share with our neighbor, and for our dinner on Sunday

For others

  • Our neighbor lost power, so we brought her several meals, called the power department for her, got a hold of her daughter (our neighbor is elderly), charged her small electronics, loaned her our charging unit, and checked in on her throughout the days.
  • Donated to a fundraiser, as my coworker lost her infant baby
  • Bought a meal service for another coworker going through a challenging time
  • Gave away three pair of jeans that Nick outgrew. 
  • Dropped off a bottle of champagne to a coworker who was promoted (I volunteered to do this on behalf of our mutual manager, who doesn't live in the area)
  • Took my parents to lunch as a thank you for all of their help this week.
  • Checked in with my volunteer/non-profit role
That's it for me. What about you? Any wins to share? 


  1. You had an excellent week. I love reading your wins, but honestly I love the "do for others" section the best. I think doing for others is what gives us genuine happiness.

    1. I've been very interested in this topic, and science seems to prove out your theory. It's not only fun, but it makes you happier to help others.

  2. That was so kind of you to help your elderly neighbor like you did. I'm sure she appreciates all of your help.

    How neat to have picked your first pomegranate! I would have been thrilled too. I remember when I first saw an orange tree in California when I was 18 years old. We have peach trees here now, but seeing an orange tree back then was pretty neat.

    1. It really is so nice to live in a neighborhood where people help others. Her adult daughter came to check on her, and was so completely appreciative of all of our help.

      I feel similarly about the produce in California. When we moved here, we were shocked that people were growing lemons, oranges, avocados & pomegranates in their yards. Our particular neighborhood used to be an orchard, so there are lots of mature fruit trees.

  3. All your wins are exciting to me, but I love the doing for others section. I'm sure your neighbors family appreciate all the help and that is what being part of a community is about.

    1. Agree, it was really so nice to help out someone who was struggling. She's in her 80s, and her daughter lives several hours away, while we are just across the street. She was very appreciative.

  4. It was very good of you to take care of your elderly neighbour - and as for your coworker who lost her baby, I have no words. That is just tragic! Oh and it was good chatting to you the other week! Cheers. A

    1. Her baby was 11 months old, and it just breaks my heart. Seriously, so very sad about it.

      Likewise, so nice meeting you the other week!

  5. I love what you did for your neighbor! That was very kind of you.

    A former colleague (who also lives in the US) told me years ago that California's plants & climate are similar to Cape Town's. So I completely understand about the various fruit trees and all the wonderful produce you are able to grow. We have the same in CT. I'm a little jealous that you get to grow all the various produce right at home :) Enjoy the pomegranates!

    1. The climate is really a gift, and we try to make the most of the long growing season & lovely weather.

  6. You had an excellent frugal week. Keep it up as you are giving me a few ideas to try.

    God bless.