Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday Happenings

 The last few days have been filled with driving & teen activities. I'm so happy their lives have returned to some sort of COVID normalcy. 

Nick went to the last school football game last night, Sam had soccer practice. I was up late, waiting for Nick to get home from the game. Blissfully, I slept in about an hour past my normal wake up time.

As for today, we somehow don't have any soccer on the agenda! Hurrah. Very excited, and planning to use the extra time to be productive in the kitchen.

  1. Pick more pomegranates
  2. Clean up the garden
  3. Pick the last of the tomatillos & roast them.
  4. Make muffins
  5. Make a fresh tomato sauce for the freezer, out of our abundance of tomatoes
  6. Pick up a few items at the store
  7. Make a Costco list
  8. Costco
  9. Run to the produce stand
  10. Get in a long workout
  11. Make a beef vegetable soup
  12. Have Nick make two loaves of bread
  13. Do a (virtual) happy hour with my sister & friend
  14. List at least one item on eBay
And, a few pictures from the last week or so...

Pomegranates from the tree. So delicious!

A couple of photos from our vacation:

That's it for me. What are you planning to do today?


  1. I'm playing again and reading blogs-but I've got laundry both in washer and dryer, and just got done coloring my hair and taking a shower, so letting my hair dry. I've got a target area later for a quick purge, and have some errands to run, plus later going out for dinner. I like having days that are my own agenda.

    1. Yesterday was so nice - really fun to have a day wedged in there when I could pretty much set the agenda.

  2. You planned a very busy Saturday. Hope you got everything completed.

    God bless.

    1. My to do lists are always a bit aspirational, but most things did get done!

  3. Your chore list appears to be reflecting just a bit more time to do some things you enjoy? Having teens is a dynamic change that I remember fondly. Well most of the time, anyway. (lol)

    Got up early to cheer-lead my oldest DD and her SO during an Ironman event. Home to nap (ha!), then back out to a fundraising outdoor dinner and concert event. So, a do-good day that also happened to be engaging and fun.

    Today we are hosting our two Ironman finishers to breakfast at the beach, then just DH and I are attending a vaccinated-only performance of the somber play, The Laramie Project, at a nearby college. Afterward we'll stop in at our members winery for a glass in order to unpack and discuss the play.

    Chores generally done on Monday, the result of our 'play' weekends.

    1. Hope the Ironman went well for everyone! Your day sounds so lovely & fun. I struggle with somber shows/plays/books like that, even though I know how important they are. When I'm stressed, in particular, I default to what I would describe as "entertainment" & not "education". Maybe in another season of life?

      Hope you had a great breakfast with your family!