Friday, October 8, 2021

Frugal Friday

This week was definitely a bit slower than last week, and I enjoyed the time in the kitchen, turning apples into applesauce. 

Saving on things we buy

  • Nothing really worth reporting, although I did upload all of our receipts to Fetch. 

Earning money

  • I haven't been updating my eBay listings, but I've sold a few things that were listed a while back.
    • Another suit
    • A kids tie (from Nick's 6th grade graduation)
    • A pair of jeans M kept at the vacation house

Avoiding spending

  • Dried & crushed mint for the spice cabinet. We grow our own, so it's a free addition. M uses the mint in his yogurt sauce he serves with kebabs. 
  • A friend & I traded garden goodies. She gave me a bag of apples, & I gave her zucchini. Yum. 
  • Turned the apples into a huge batch of apple sauce (8 containers). It tastes like apple pie, and it's delicious. I used some of the applesauce to make applesauce muffins. 
  • Brought apple sauce & three loaves of homemade French bread (Nick made) to a friend's house for dinner, when they had both boys over for dinner.
  • Another neighbor gave me additional apples, for snacking
  • I mended Nick's favorite shirt, hoping to extend the life a bit.

Eating what we have

  • I had takeout leftovers for lunch one day. Takeout is expensive (in this case, we used a gift card), but it's nice when they extend to another meal
  • Used up garden strawberries & a couple of mini watermelons in smoothies

For others

  • Volunteered for the grad school I attended
  • Picked up trash on my walk
  • Gave away a few things on Buy Nothing
That's it from my side. Any wins for you to share?


  1. Great job on turning the apples into applesauce and doing so much with it. I had two sales on eBay, so that makes me happy.

    1. I'm with you - those eBay notifications make me so happy.

  2. Restaurant portions are large, so I often intentionally plan to get lunch a second day from leftovers.

    1. Same! They work well for next day meals. Plus, it's a quick & easy lunch that feels like a splurge.

  3. Well, I used leftover whipping cream and whole milk (bought for a cake I made and took to an event), plus the vanilla bean from a finished bottle of homemade vanilla extract, and made homemade ice cream. Felt very satisfying to use up three out-of-the-ordinary items for us. Plus it was delicious!

    Otherwise, made a trip to Aldi's when I didn't really feel like it (it's two towns away, but I save soooo much money on everything I buy there (bread, Greek yogurt, oat milk, condiments, oranges & apples, everything Italian and Mexican, crackers . . . ) I feel guilty if I don't.

    Tonight we are having a night on the town for under $30. We're starting with two free glasses of wine at a winery we belong to, then sharing a fast casual Mexican entree, then over to a nearby college for a $10 per ticket outdoor jazz concert.

    1. Oooh, homemade ice cream is the best way to use up ingredients. Good work!

      Your evening sounds perfect. I love that it's not super expensive, but checks all of the boxes & supports your community.