Sunday, October 3, 2021

It really feels like we've entered the high school years

Sam started high school last year, but it was a COVID, schooling from home year, so the transition wasn't really noticeable. This year, however, we have two kids in high school & many more activities are back up & running (with adaptations, of course). 

No one was home with us on Friday night (Nick at the football game, Sam at a friends). Yesterday was one of the busiest driving days we've had (Nick's reffing jobs, Sam's game #1, Sam's game #2, Nick's haircut, and a birthday party for Nick) & then I was home alone in the evening. M took Sam to dinner in the city after his second game, and Nick was out with friends eating pizza. They've both been invited to a friend's house for dinner tonight. One of the dad's got a new smoker, and is making a bunch of meat for the kids. Nick is making three loaves of homemade bread to share. ;-) 

It's so bittersweet to see them blossoming, with jobs, sports, friends, etc. They are rarely home, and we are trying to enjoy the time we do have together, & not think about all of the driving it takes to get them places. Thank goodness we have an electric car. 

I also try to make the most of the many, many soccer games, turning the time at warm ups (45-60 minutes, depending on the coach) into a workout for myself. 

I suppose this is the inevitable transition that makes it a bit easier when they move out for college. 

High school teens aside, here's what we're up to today:

  • Work out during Nick's warm ups this morning
  • Make applesauce from all of the apples my friend gave me
  • If there are enough apples leftover, make apple crisp
  • I'm going to try to brown the meat for egg roll in a bowl today, and then just combine with the cabbage tomorrow, for a faster weeknight meal
  • Plan our schedule for the week ahead
  • Laundry. Always
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Call my parents (Nick)
  • Take the boys to/from a friends house for dinner
  • Decide what to do with a ton of herbs (cut, dry, & preserve?)
  • Move Fresno pepper to a sunnier part of the yard
  • List 5 more items on Buy Nothing
  • List 2 items on eBay
That's it from my side. What about you - what are you up to today? If you have kids, do you remember this phase?


  1. I'm replying in route to college kids campus. The business does help the transition to a point, but then it feels like going 60 to 20!

  2. I remember the high school phase. It changed so much when she started to drive herself. That is when it really hit me that things were changing.

    I am working on laundry today too. And maybe some more cleaning. I’ve been working on several different cleaning projects, so I’m sure I will continue with those.

  3. I'm still *in* that phase. My kids don't seem to be itching to get as far away from their parents as I was at that age. After my senior year, I had a calendar in which I was crossing off the days until I left for college out of state. My kids, however, seem to want to stay put, but are still out, with high school or college classes. It's sort of a betwixt-in-between--they're here, but not around much. I can't say I miss the younger days, though they were simpler, it seems. I've always been interested in seeing what comes next. My kids, on the other hand, aren't quite as adventurous.

  4. Now that our sons no longer live at home, both are working in different cities, one in an entirely different province, I have found I miss those busy driving days.

    God bless.

  5. Consider freezing the herbs. Many freeze beautifully.

    And enjoy these high school years.They are fleeting. 😢

  6. You might consider freezing your herbs. Many freeze beautifully.

    And I hope you continue to enjoy these high school years- they are fleeting. ��

  7. The high school years go by quick. It may not seem like it at the time, as you are always taking kids somehwere. It seems endless, but it does go end and then you want that time back. Well, some of the time, when my teenage boys were not being jerks. And I mean that in the most loving way lol.

  8. I could not help but smile reading this post! The memories it brings back are priceless. My kids all were involved in extra curricular activities, sports, and had pretty tight friend groups. For all three of them once they entered high school it was a whirlwind of activities for them and a time when our times together became less and less though we drove them more and more!
    When the oldest began driving things changed even more. There are days when I truly miss the chaos!