Monday, October 18, 2021

Menu Plan Monday

M & I will be on vacation/out of town Thursday-Sunday, so my parents will be feeding the kids & I won't be in charge of any meals, short of ordering something at a restaurant. ;-)  

  • Friday - Pizza & salad
  • Saturday - caprese chicken skillet
  • Sunday - Korean beef rice bowls
  • Monday - Caprese chicken salad
  • Tuesday - Leftover Korean beef rice bowls
  • Wednesday - Chicken fajita rice with chips & guacamole (my parents arrive)
  • Thursday - out of town 
  • Friday - out of town
  • Saturday - out of town
  • Sunday - Not sure what time we'll be home, so may be something cooked by my parents
What's on your menu this week? Two of the recipes above (caprese chicken skillet & Korean beef rice bowls) are new to us, so fingers crossed they are a hit. 


  1. The caprese chicken skillet sounds great interesting and would love to hear how it turns out.

    1. I didn't love it, for the amount of effort. Not sure if it was my prep, or something else. Nick ran late at tennis, & the chicken got a bit overdone (not the recipe's fault), but if I made it again, I think there are some easy tweaks I'd try to reduce the work. I wouldn't bother with the balsamic glaze, but would instead just add balsamic directly to the tomato sauce part. And, definitely reduce the cooking time on the chicken.

  2. As is usual your menu sounds so good. Sorry the Caprese Chicken skillet did not work out very well as it sounded so interesting.

    God bless.

  3. I want any kind of muffin that is not keto. I miss the texture of flour. Then I saw the chocolate brownie cookies and I really want those.
    The definition of being frugal is to save when you can so you can enjoy the splurges!

  4. That caprese chicken does sound awfully appealing, I hope your next try turns out better!

    Have a great vacation! I hope you enjoy it.