Friday, October 15, 2021

Frugal Friday

 It was a pretty standard week, but we did have a few wins. 

Saving on things we buy

  • Used a few iBotta offers
  • Uploaded all of our receipts to Fetch
  • Received a $100 credit for Sam's soccer fees, by volunteering for three hours on a Saturday a month or so ago. 
  • Bought Southwest gift cards at the grocery store, earning $60 in grocery store credits

Earning money

  • I haven't been listing anything on eBay, but sold a few things:
    • A book from a freebie table
    • A pajama top that came in a set. Nick likes the pajama pants, but not the top
  • Redeemed $5 of Fetch Rewards for an Amazon gift card

Avoiding spending

  • Used grocery store rewards to pick up a few items to round out our dinner on Sunday
  • No eating out this week, despite considering it several times!
Eating what we have

  • I really wanted to get takeout or go out on Saturday, but the kids (surprisingly) talked me out of it. I made chicken fajitas, using up chicken (freezer) & peppers (fridge). Everything was delicious, and I served the fajitas over a cauliflower rice/cabbage rice (Sam's accidental shredding incident from last weekend). The cabbage rice/cauliflower rice combo was great.
  • Nick made apple crisp, using up leftover apples. 
  • Nick also made French bread, to go with dinner on Sunday. He had a failed loaf on Saturday, but tried again, & it came out great.
  • I made butternut squash soup, with squash M brought home unexpectedly from Costco last weekend. 
  • Used up chicken & taco meat from the freezer

For others

  • Helped another family out with a super early carpool
  • Picked up trash on my walk
  • Shared apple crisp with a friend
  • Made a couple of donations
  • Found our neighbor's dog a few blocks away & returned her home

How about you? Any wins to share?


  1. How great to get $100 credit for Sam's soccer fees for three hours of volunteer time. That is wonderful.

  2. You have a generous league to give credit for volunteer hours, but I'm guessing your fees are quite high, and a lot of parents don't want to give of their time. I'm with your son on the pajama pants-my guys just want te shirts or no shirts when they sleep so the top is never worn if bought in a set.

    1. It's a fully volunteer run club (most others also have paid administrative positions) minus the coaches, so they definitely need the help.

  3. I love find stuff to flip in free boxes or free tables. It's the best.

  4. I think getting that credit for volunteer work is great!

  5. You are so lucky your guys help with the food prep.
    I would call the 100 buck savings for the volunteer hours a pretty substantial frugal win!

    1. They are the biggest eaters, so they need to help! :-)

  6. I got a free salad dressing at the grocery today, a free pair of socks in the mail, a free pad of paper, a free pen, a free calendar for my purse and one for my desk. I also got some free Christmas cards.

    God bless.