Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Happenings

I miss the days of small boys in Halloween costumes. But, we are in another phase for sure. :-) Nick is heading over to a friend's house to play poker, & eat pizza. Sam is likely not going anywhere, so we will eat chicken & dumplings, hand out candy, & watch a scary movie. Tomorrow is soccer tryouts, so no one will stay out very late. I hope to see at least a few kiddos in cute costumes.

I had a productive but enjoyable day yesterday. I'm done with almost everything on the list, but still haven't made it to the produce stand. Maybe after dropping off Nick, or perhaps it will need to be done midweek. We shall see. 

We went to a soccer game this morning, I walked during warmups. Then we went to Costco, which was my foolish mistake, as both boys were super hungry. I feel like we bought everything. In reality, we were out of a bunch of basics (flour, sugar, vitamins, etc), which always adds up.

I went for my final walk of the month (step challenge is done today) & I clocked in over 300 miles for October, more than doubling my highest ever cardio month. I had 3,145 minutes of cardio in October, which is crazy. Woohoo! I'll be glad to be getting back to a more diverse set of workouts in November. ;-) 

I came back from my walk & tidied up the house, put chicken in the crockpot for chicken & dumplings, & now I'm onto the laundry. 

Throwback Halloween...

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday!


  1. So darn cute! I love pizza and poker night. We've had about 14 trick and treaters so far, but the bulk will be between now and 7:00 when the Vikings game starts. There were so many community activities all weekend so many might pass on traditional T&T.

    1. We live at the top of a big hill, so rarely get anyone. I put candy out early in the day, as some of our walkers (we have a lot of retired neighbors walk) may want a treat as they pass. And, maybe a handful of kids. We shall see!

      I miss those little costumes! They still had costumes as recently as a couple of years ago, but now... no such luck.

  2. Cute kids in costumes! My kids had what I put together for them.

  3. Such sweet babies! Have followed your blog for awhile. Have tried quite a few of your Keto recipes.

  4. Those days of trick or treating with the kids were wonderful. I had some adorable little goblins stop by my house last night and enjoyed talking with each one! I especially loved the little 18 month old dressed as a lion who could not really talk but was an excellent roar-er!