Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October Goals

October should be a fun  month. My parents are coming for a visit, we're heading to Santa Barbara for our anniversary, and work *should* be a bit more dialed back. 

Here are my goals for the month:


  • Find an accountant & financial planner. I'm hiring an accountant this year, given our vacation house sale, and I'd like another set of eyes on the financials of my "leave work" plan.
  • Track all grocery expenses, to get a perspective on a realistic budget, and any cuts/swaps we want to make
  • Make $150 in side hustle
  • Have two dates with M
  • Set up permit appointment for Sam
  • Have a fabulous anniversary trip
  • Have a family adventure
  • Fast until noon 20 days
  • Lose 2 lbs
  • 1300 minutes of cardio
  • Run 25 miles
  • 10 strength workouts
  • Meditate 12 times
  • Continue doctor's stuff for lupus & my back pain
  • Donate or toss 30 items
  • Try 2 new recipes
  • Write for 30 minutes
  • Put out at least one Halloween/fall decoration

That's it for me. What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in October?


  1. Even though TheHub is an accountant by profession, we still have a financial planner and manager. It is easier ,like you said, to have another set of eyes on things.
    We are planning on driving to Oregon in November so I am planning an extremely tight financial month, as well as getting as much as possible done for the holidays this month.

    1. Ooh, yeah for the Oregon drive! Whereabouts are you headed?

  2. Our financial planner is in our bank. Do you have any thing like that in the United States? Ours can not charge for meeting with us. Our accountant is right across the street so that makes it really easy for us to money plan.

    Good list of goals for the month.

    God bless.

    1. I think it depends on which type of bank you have. If you have a smaller credit union, maybe you would. I just found out I have access to something from work, for free, so I'll check that out first.

  3. Good luck with the hunt for a financial planner and accountant! It occurs to me that I know someone who is a financial planner now, I think, they give me perspective whenever I'm thinking over financial plans. If you'd like, I can ask for their firm info! Just email me if you want me to get it.

    1. Thanks! I may do that. I found out that I have access to a free option via work, so I'm going to check that out & see what services are included.

  4. Love your Toss 30 Items goal - this is ongoing in my home, and if anything puts a damper on shopping as recreation, this would be it. It is crazy how much we accumulate over time!

    Goals for October, hmmm. I'll add 'Lose 5 pounds,' which would bring my total lost to 20 pounds for the year. I am soooo close to my pre-50 (i.e., pre-menopause, grr!) weight. Also to go through my photo album shelf and toss and consolidate, plus do the same with a box of high school memorabilia. Seriously, I don't really have any desire to re-visit my younger self, and seriously doubt my daughters ever will either.

    1. It's nuts how much we accumulate, right? I also have the kids, who bring in plenty of stuff (papers from school, wrappers, clothes they outgrow, shoes they tear through, etc), so it's important to stay on top of it.

      I had my parents toss my high school memorabilia years ago. I'm so not a sentimental person. I'm missing that gene, I think. Show me pictures of the boys as babies, though, and I'll totally get emotional. Great work on losing the first 15 pounds. That is awesome!