Saturday, January 7, 2023

December goals recap

 I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never. Here's how I did with my December goals. 


  • Stick to our budget, including for Christmas - we stuck to our budget, including Christmas! (Our ski trip was another story, but that's part of January's budget)
  • Make $250, so I can complete our 2022 side hustle goal - close - I made $224
  • Continue post work plan & budget - we made a lot of progress on our budget planning for the years ahead
  • Go through ebay inventory - yes! Cleaned out a bunch, & donated a bunch. 
  • Give away 10 things on Buy Nothing - I gave away probably 25 items (thermos x2, 2 tennis bags, clothing items, craft projects, shoes, etc)
  • Use up 5 random freezer items - I used up: enchilada sauce, enchiladas, lasagna. & green onion pancakes). 
  • One activity with the kids - we drove around & looked at Christmas lights
  • Help Nick learn to drive - the driving continues!
  • Two dates with M - yes! We had a lovely couple of nights in a hotel
  • Connect with M's family - sent pictures & videos
  • Continue with 2023 travel planning & finalize ski week plans - we are waiting for summer dates to be finalized, but we have a budget & our priorities in place. We're checking out both places while skiing, to make a final decision for ski week. 
  • Post weekly fitness summaries - done
  • Match November's calories burned - I was about 1,000 calories short, which makes sense, given I missed two of Orange Theory workouts, given the studio was closed from an ice storm. 
  • Close rings 28 days - I only closed them 20 days, and need more focus in January!
  • Take advantage of workout classes - the workout classes I had planned over Christmas didn't work out, as the studio was closed due to an ice storm. Otherwise, all workouts happened as planned. 
  • Meditate 5x - nope, and there were days I could have really used it!
  • Lose 2 lbs - oh my, definitely no. January will need to be a fresh start, with a focus on bringing my calories back in check & reducing sweets & snacks. 
  • Do something social with friends - met friends for dinner
  • Continue to volunteer - yes, done!
  • More thinking on "post career" plans - I continue to think about this, but don't have any formal plans

What about you? How did you do with your December goals? Any wins to share?


  1. You did great! I would say the only “win” I had during December was the jury murder trial before Christmas, On the home front, things went astray. The arctic blast derailed our family Christmas ( I was so glad tho the oldest son didn’t come down bc of a freak snowstorm in the northern part of the state hit right when he would have been traveling back on the 26th. Folks were stranded all over the place. We do not “do” winter weather well here.) The only other December win was that I managed to get out of the Atlanta airport late December and land out West where daughter lives. The January win was that I managed to get back home through the snowstorm where daughter lives (sounds like it was the same one you dealt with) with the most turbulent airplane ride I have ever experienced (pilot had to detour to get through storms.) We landed in Atlanta, and I drove to youngest son’s house in Montgomery and crashed a couple of hours, then drove home to be greeted with two tornado warnings that evening. Talk about dealing with weather extreme…. Lol. My budget was blown apart in December, but I expected that and had some extra padding stashed just for that. Cindy in the South

  2. You were focused and stuck to what you wanted to accomplish. I'm taking a little calm time. More for myself after this weekend, but I forgot how a houseful 24/7 can be wearing.