Friday, January 6, 2023

The not so frugal Friday

Let's just say that we spent more than planned on our ski trip, due to the weather & switching to the hotel located in the resort area a day earlier than planned. That threw our budget *way* off for the trip, but I'm happy with the decision, given the weather & difficulty driving. 

Rather than my normal format, here's a more consolidated list of frugal wins, rare though they were this week. ;-)

  • Stopped for gas at Costco on the way home, and bought lunch for everyone for under $6. 
  • Brought snacks from home for much of the trip.
  • We did manage to make breakfast & dinner at the condo 2x, using groceries we brought from home. I forgot foil & ground coffee, so we did pick that up at the store while we were there, but otherwise ate things we brought with us. 
  • We bought season passes for skiing use a (small) corporate discount over the summer. We've already skied enough that the passes were less expensive than paying the day rate, and we plan to go again in February. 
  • We mostly skipped lunch on the mountain each day (which is, crazy expensive), and just had a snack & an earlier dinner. 
  • We took advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel, which was lovely & had pretty much everything you could want. 
  • Despite really not feeling like cooking when we got home last night, found some grilled chicken in the freezer, along with my emergency meal stash of Trader Joes fried rice. I also had a bag of salad that we didn't eat, but stayed cold in the cooler. Quick & easy dinner, and much less expensive than takeout.
What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. Little bits of wins. I sent two oldest adult kids on a shopping trip for me- timesaver. They're savy so won't buy silly things. They have their own homes to manage so get it.

    1. Any wins when you are entertaining/on vacation sound promising! Enjoy your family time.

  2. I had to divide my shopping trip over two days as I tired out quickly the first day. So I used a bit more fuel than I had though I would.

    Did have a few frugal wins as I managed to find the bath soap we love at a really reduced price.

    God bless.

    1. Hope you are continuing to feel better & get your energy back!