Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

I did end up doing a bit of shopping, as I made a trip to Rite Aid yesterday to pick up a few gift cards & other items we needed, netting me $50 in points to spend. If I can use the points on more gift cards, I will do that & finish off my shopping.

I haven't done any shopping today, and have done the following instead:

  • Cleaned the house! Including, scrubbing the walls & baseboards, taking our bed apart so I could dust between the mattress and frame. There was *a lot* of dust in there. 
  • Used some past their due date tomatoes & fresh basil (maybe the last, as we've had frost the past few days) to whip together some tomato sauce, which we'll put in the freezer for homemade pizza topping, a basic sauce for meatballs, etc.
I'm also going to help the boys make a gingerbread house, and get to a few other activities before I take the boys to a free soccer clinic, taught by their soccer club director. Feeling great - the fridge is full of yummy leftovers, we've all had a very relaxing few days & we still have two more days! Love the long weekend.

I'm also planning on making butternut squash soup with goat cheese crostini for dinner. Yum!

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend with your family!

1 comment:

  1. We bought a gingerbread house kit for the girls to make with our grandson when they're here! Should be fun (and a mess ;-) )

    No shopping for us today, but we are going to Costco, Safeway and Walmart tomorrow for our monthly shop-athon. I am dreading it.