Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly spending wrap up (11/16-11/22/15)

I was out of town for most of the week, but I more than made up for it when I was back home. ;-) Here's what we spent:

  • Monday:
    • $21.33 - three new water bottles on Amazon. I swear that we previously had 20+ water bottles (free from camps, birthday parties, etc), but they've all slowly disappeared. I finally broke down & ordered three new ones, so we can ensure that we are not buying plastic water bottles when out. 
    • $11.56 - two bike parts on Amazon for Nick's bike. Something about the shifter? Don't know. M has already replaced the part & the bike is running like new.
    • $38.06 - goalie jersey (with his number on it) for Nick. Christmas present.
    • $1.99 - Amazon. I assume M watched a movie while I was gone. 
  • Tuesday
    • $26.07 - dinner for the boys at Sweet Tomatoes
  • Wednesday
    • $1.99 - Amazon, ditto above on the movie watching.
    • $15.16 - two pair of Havianas (Rio Olympics themed) for the kids -souvenir from Brazil

    • Thursday - No spend day
    • Friday 
      • $10 - end of the season gift for soccer coach
    • Saturday
      • $39.98 - two birthday gifts (kids parties) at Costco. The boys each get $15 to spend on friend gifts, so Nick owes me $10 for these. I think it's benefitted them to have the budget - they decide what they want to buy friends, and then make up the difference.
      • $328.77 - Christmas gifts for M. More than I had budgeted, but I'm under budget in all of my other categories. This was: a new winter coat, blue label whiskey, and new socks. 
      • $117.21 - Costco, groceries
      • $34.96 - four bottles of wine at Costco
      • $7.46 - two bottles of kids shampoo at Rite Aid
      • $6.35 - produce stand. Two bunches of kale, radishes, three pounds of mini cucumber
      • $22.29 - Trader Joes - picking up stuff for Thanksgiving
    • Sunday
      • $70 - Christmas gifts at Rite Aid (gift cards), taking advantage of a gift card promotion
      • $70 - birthday gifts for my boys (stocking up) at Rite Aid, with the gift card promo.
      • $20 - lunch money for Sam
      • $10.84 - three glass Pyrex measuring cups
      • $66.50 - more groceries from Costco. M does not like it when I buy a select number of fruit/vegetables. He always goes back & buys more. ;-) 
    Total spent for the week = $920.52. Holy smokes!! That's a lot of spending! Much of that was on Christmas, but I still don't like to see so much money disappearing at once. 

    How about you? Are you tracking your weekly spending? How's it going this time of year? Are you spending more or less than expected? 

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    1. Kids birthday gifts are hard. I could write an entire post about it. I can't believe how much some parents spend. I'm not going to spend $30-40 on a kids birthday gift that's not my own kid.