Sunday, November 15, 2015

The start of the last trip this year

I'm heading to the airport in a few hours to kick off my last (fingers crossed) international trip of the year. We spent the day yesterday just puttering around the house & getting things done. I went for a run, got the groceries (a special treat for M, who usually has this chore ;-)), went to the produce stand, did yoga, and made a yummy dinner - shrimp & asparagus pesto gnocchi. It was delicious!

My goals for this trip are:

  • A successful presentation at a conference. I'm not a lover of public speaking. I need to give myself a few practice runs on the plane
  • Healthy eating! This is so hard when I travel. 
  • Working out two times during my trip. Again, the jet lag & general exhaustion makes this difficult.
  • As much sleep as possible! Another challenge. 
  • To stay calm, relax & enjoy the experience - even if I'm not excited about it generally.

I rarely spend money on work trips, although I may pick up Havianas, if they are a particularly good deal. I'll also test out my new Global Entry card on my return through the US. Let's hope it works well.

Enjoy the week, everyone!!


  1. Good luck on the public speaking. I can do it but it's nerve wracking for me. I hope your trip goes well.

    1. Thanks - it was interesting. ;-) So happy it's over!

  2. You are going to Brazil? I am guessing based on the Havianas comment. Safe travels

    1. Yes, Brazil! Sao Paulo. I didn't get to hit the Havianas shop, but did pick up a pair of Olympics Havianas for the kids at the airport. They were extremely cheap ($6.50, I think?), but the pair I got for Sam is too small. His feet are growing like crazy!