Saturday, November 28, 2015

Getting things done - I love a long weekend

I love the opportunity to get to all of the things that I normally don't have time for! Half of the house isn't feeling great, so there's been a lot of tea, soup, and snuggling up around here. :-)

But, we still have two days left of the weekend - woohoo! Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish today:

  1. Yoga
  2. 60 minutes of cardio (a run?)
  3. Library
  4. Get out our Christmas decorations
  5. Wash all sheets
  6. Make my December goals
  7. Pick & juice all muffins (or, lemons? ;-))
  8. Figure out plan for next week
  9. Email nanny with childcare details
  10. Build a menu
  11. Help Nick with an ancestor report due on Monday (by help, I don't do the work, but I do ensure it gets done! :-) Distraction is a real problem for an 8 year old boy. ;-))
  12. Use up many, many, many bananas that I defrosted. Make banana muffins & banana chocolate chip version for kids lunches
  13. Make homemade taquitos for the freezer
  14. Finish my book! 

If I get all of that done, I will be feeling pretty great. How about you? How are you enjoying the long weekend? 


  1. Let me know how the picking and juicing of the muffins goes....lolz

    I am off to Rite-Aid....where else, right? ;-)

    1. I blame the lack of coffee. ;) So, make muffins, pick & juice lemons? Sound right.

      Of course, Rite Aid!

  2. I like your list - it sounds so much more domestic and happy than normal, must be the long weekend. I only got part of my list completed due to so much company work that had to be done - but now it is the weekend and even though Hubby is coming home in a couple of hours I still have lots of domestic time for decorating. I did manage to do some Christmas shopping, cleaned the house top to bottom and did a little decorating (tree is up as a test for Buddy - without decorations). It should be done by Sunday night). Enjoy your domestic weekend!

    1. I love the domestic stuff - so relaxing & fun! And yes, the long weekend gives me time to tackle all of the bonus stuff that I rarely have time for. Good luck getting everything ready for your husband! I suppose that more work is good, with a small business?

  3. I have a load of frozen bananas and choclate chips. I think I'll juice those too. (You've created a new expression-I love inside jokes.) My daughters doing procrastinated homework-she's having a 5 day weekend and nothing completed.

    1. Yes, my juiced muffins were excellent. ;-) I made one batch without chocolate chips for my husband, and the rest with for kids lunches.

      We had a procrastinator on our hands as well, and he finished his ancestor project with no time to spare last night! :-)