Friday, November 6, 2015

Frugal things I've done this week

Not all weeks are as frugal as I'd like, but this week I've had a few successes. . .

  • I found a camp for the boys for 3 days over Thanksgiving. It's cheaper than my nanny, far less expensive than the only other camp I could find, should be a hit, and provides coverage from 9-2 while I have to work.  Money saved = over $250.
  • I called for the camp price yesterday ($159/kid) & when I went to register, the price showed as $200/kid. I called & found out that my city membership was mapped to the wrong town & I wasn't getting a resident discount. The person on the phone was able to enter the correct address, thus earning me the discount. Money saved = $82. (Although, I should note I've booked multiple camps here, and this is the first time I've ever been quoted a price and had something to compare with, so my guess is that I've missed out on the discount on all previous purchases. :-()
  • I converted a bunch of United miles (accrued from all of those fun international trips) into $300 of Amazon gift cards, for my Christmas shopping. Normally, it's always best to use airline miles for flights, but United doesn't have great travel routes for my domestic (personal) travel, & I don't have any current personal international flights planned. So, Christmas money it is! Money saved = $300

So, a nice chunk of money saved this week - $632. Woohoo!!! 

I'm very, very happy it's Friday. I'm taking Nick to a soccer tournament in Sacramento, and M is headed in the opposite direction for Sam's tournament. Both require overnight hotel stays. Oh boy. :-) Here's hoping it's a great soccer weekend! 

How about you? Any fun weekend plans? Did you save any money this week? 


  1. Every penny saved is one you can spend in a more fun way - like soccer weekends with your kids :)

  2. Your soccer activities keep you busy. Yay for the "free" Amazon cards. You deserve it with all the international travel.