Sunday, November 29, 2015

December Goals

I'm a few days early, but an improvement over my normal, posting one week late plan. ;-)

We've had a great, relaxing weekend. We'll close it off this evening by a local festival of lights, which the kids are very excited about. I'm hoping to go for a run shortly (when it warms up) & put the tree up. Other than that, it should be a very mellow day - I'm hoping to read my new library book. Woohoo! :-)

Here are my goals for December! If they look familiar, that's because they are *very* similar to my November goals. (Updated to add a few things that I forgot).

  1. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio
  2. Complete 10 strength workouts
  3. Complete 4 stretching workouts
  4. Lose 2 pounds
  1. Stick to our December budget
  2. Finish our 2016 budget planning
  3. Continue working on my "40 week project!"
  4. Re-evaluate our budget by working backward from "must haves" & see what our minimum income would be. (Advice from some of you a few posts back).
  5. Get a notary signature & mail off our 529 paperwork, to remove the money from our Washington plan.
  6. Start a new Utah 529.
  1. Draft version of 2016 family calendar & vacations
  2. Finish all holiday shopping!
  3. Plan a December menu, including when we're at our vacation house
  1. Continue to accept no more than one late night's worth of meetings/week
  2. Eat lunch away from my desk 2x/week or more
  3. Book my workouts on my calendar, & *stick with them*!!
  4. Figure out backup nanny option, while my nanny is out of town. 
  1. Get together for a minimum of one social event with a friend
  2. Volunteer at the boys school.
  3. One date night with M
  4. Plan at least one fun holiday outing with the kids. Likely a drive to a neighboring town to see the lights, wearing pajamas. We always stop for hot chocolate as well.

That's it for me, how about you? Are you looking forward to December?


  1. When figuring out your must haves keep in mind you will also likely be in a lower tax bracket, it would be worth figuring out which one to see what kind of money you have to play with. We live on waaaaay less than we used to and I think have a better life. More time with the kids, more time to cook and clean, more time to do the things you want like read a book. Worth loads of money I think.

    1. I've done a small adjustment based on what I think will be accurate (it's hard to tell as we're not really accurate right now - we owed a ton last year!), but I have a guesstimate in place. And yes, I actually think we will live on less than anticipated, but I'm trying to be conservative, as we do live in a very $$ place!