Friday, May 5, 2017

Frugal Friday

It's been a very crazy week. We're doing a team wide re-organization, which involves an absolutely enormous amount of coordination & communication. Sam has been at science camp this week, so things have been a bit quieter than normal here & I'm excited to have him home this afternoon!

I've been too busy to spend any money this week, but here are a few frugal things I've accomplished:

  • Called Comcast over a billing error, and gotten $70 reversed. There is another $70 erroneous charge, but I need to call again about the second charge. Check your bills! 
  • I haven't done any "shopping for fun" in a long time, but I did look at a few cute dresses online, & then just left them in my cart. It was enough to browse around & get a few ideas of how to better use the things in my closet.
  • Price matched all of our existing 2017 travel, & requested a $20 flight credit for our adult Hawaii trip, as fares have dropped.
  • Made all of our meals at home this week, even though we had a broken oven for a few days.
  • Exchanged a pair of running shoes that didn't fit.
  • M took an Uber to the airport this morning, and used a free credit to offset the cost

Here are the non frugal things that happened this week:
  • Continue to fund repairs & yard work at our rental house (it's going on the market next week!) in order to get it move in ready
  • Had to replace soccer balls & practice socks for both kids. When you play as much soccer as my peeps do, you have to replace the gear pretty regularly
  • Paid off all of our library fines. Sigh. How books got lost in the move (along with our Amazon remote that we have never found), I'll never know. 
  • Order reusable replacements for ziplock bags, in an attempt to both be more environmentally friendly, and save cost over the long haul. I am testing out a few from Amazon, and will come back with a report either way on longevity of the bags, how easy they are to clean, etc.
I am so VERY happy that it's Friday! Looking forward to getting a bunch of stuff done this weekend, as well as relaxing & enjoying the cooler weather. What about you? Any frugal wins to celebrate?


  1. You will likely find the books....way down the road unfortunately. Best to put that behind you. We still use baggies (I buy them from the dollar store and they are pretty decent) for freezing but for the fridge I use glass containers I bought at costco which work perfect for leftovers. They save on the amount of baggies I need to use. Apparently they are thinking of approving UBER for Vancouver (big issue with lack of cabs there) but it truly takes forever for these things to get approved in Canada due to legal/insurance issues.

    1. Ha, yes! I did lose one book from the library (my own, for shame!) & found it in a suitcase, months later. I bring library books even when I travel, & it was in a compartment of the suitcase I failed to check when I empty it out.

      I too use glass containers for leftovers (also got them at Costco), but the boys need smaller/lighter weight options for packed lunches.

  2. The books might turn up or could have just gotten lost to the ages in the move.
    We had a couple of things that disappeared from our last move that never were found. Of course some of my things might have been like an ugly pair of boots TheHub had and gotten "lost" when someone else secretly took them to
    Frugal smugal. This week kicked my butt!

  3. I spent Sunday morning online shopping for a much needed non frugal swim suit, and a frugal, but expensive to me winter coat, plus a lot of other things, and a few gifts for future gift giving. I also earned $40 Kohls cash, so will use towards new bath towels, inexpensive ones, for the lake. Not inexpensive, but some thrifty results I think over time.

    1. Sounds like a great plan to stock up on things you need! Sometimes shopping is actually in order. :-)

  4. I think we managed to cook most of our meals this week! Though maybe not on Monday when it was unbearably hot and firing up the oven sounded like torture.

    I've been searching for a few tops that are easy to put on when my hands, arms, and shoulders are too painful to move and found a couple candidates on sale at Gap, then stacked that with coupons and gift cards so none of it was out of pocket. Here's hoping they fit!

    Can't wait to see your thoughts on the replacement ziplocks! We just use the same ones over and over until they wear out.

    1. I'm with you - it was crazy hot on Monday. I reheated leftovers like a champ. ;-)

      I'm a fan of buying Gap gift cards at Rite Aid or the like over the holidays when they have a reward. Between all of the shops that are included, I can almost always find a use for the gift card by the end of the year.

      I will definitely report back on the reusable ziplocks!