Friday, January 19, 2018

Frugal Friday

This is one of those Frugal Fridays where there's not much to report. But, here's what we accomplished this week:

  • I sold a few more items on eBay. Everything I'm selling is relatively low end (making $5-10/item), but is getting stuff out of the house. My goal for the year is to make $1K, and I'm at $57 so far. Slow & steady!
  • I cancelled a yearly service we have for our vacation house. I negotiated to an on demand service in its place. If we ended up needing it at the rate we used it last year, it will save us approximately $450. 
  • I used our electric car for all commuting, and charged it for free at work. 
  • I finally figured out what's causing our library fines, and came up with a solution. (Short story - the kids accounts weren't sending emails or notifications, so I was unaware they had overdue items. And, I couldn't previously log into their accounts to proactively check.) This was an expensive mistake. By the time I realized it, we owed $60. :-( To put this into context, we checked out over 300 items last year. So, we get a lot of use out of the library, but I thought I should confess to my frugal fail as well. :-)
  • No shopping/spending of any kind this week. 
  • Tracked down my missing 50,000 Hyatt points, and everything is now sorted. We're hoping that M can use these points for the weekend portion of his trip to Singapore, while he's spending time with his mom.
That's it for us! Other than the $.01 I found in a conference room at work. Big money! What about you? Any frugal wins (or fails) this week? 

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