Friday, January 26, 2018

Frugal Friday

It's been a pretty standard week around here. Nothing too exciting, but we've been plugging along. Here are some of the frugal wins for the week:

  • No meals out. I made a yummy chicken curry over the weekend, and M grilled chicken as well. Between those two meals, we ate leftovers all week. The kids packed lunches, & the adults ate (free) lunch at work.
  • I sold a $20 item that I had given up on.
  • I contacted a company about a package of boneless/skinless chicken that was full of bones. Which, of course I didn't know until I'd started pounding the chicken, resulting in bone shards everywhere. They are fully refunding the cost. A few years ago, I would have just tossed it & considered it a loss.
  • Finally received our $700 Costco gift card (car purchase, from the Costco Exec card), so we will be putting that towards our groceries for the month
  • Made another $10 or so selling stuff on eBay.
  • Put all "extra" money towards our unfunded 2018 stretch goals. Those include the kids college accounts, and paying extra on our vacation mortgage. So far, this totals $1783 for the year. Super excited I'm tracking the "extra" money & ensuring it goes straight to a goal. Sources of extra money so far this year include:
    • eBay/sales - $230
    • An extra stock disbursement I wasn't expecting - $1053
    • The amount of our grocery budget I won't need due to the Costco gift card - $500 (I'm earmarking $200 for stocking up & perhaps a nice steak or something)

Those are our frugal wins for the week. I'll also be listing a bunch of stuff on eBay today, & packing for my trip to Tokyo on Sunday. What about you? Any frugal wins to report?


  1. Don't you find it easier to funnel money on the side when you have a specific goal? Well done! I have hardly went out this week so frugal in that haven't had time to spend money (except on our trip and that was not cheap - bought an air bnb this week). I am still within our grocery budget and have over $40 left, there might even be some left over at the end of the month! I did find brocolli heads on sale for $1 each along with bread for $1, love those dollar days

  2. Lots of financial wins for you! And the year is just beginning, Hope the streak continues!

  3. wow - you are off to a great start for the year! well done!

  4. $700 worth of free groceries is great in anybody's book!
    And good on you for persuing that bad batch of boneless chicken issue....that would have frosted my cookies!!