Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly spending recap (1/15-1/21/18)

I used to frequently do spending recaps, but got out of the habit awhile back. I thought it might be helpful to get back into it. Here's what we spent over the past week:


  • Booked both boys bowling parties - $448. Note that this is unusual for us, & a sort of double party from this year & last year. It is also our gift to them. It's bowling, pizza & cake for 6 kids. Crazy expensive (two parties).

Tuesday - No spend day

Wednesday - No spend day

Thursday  - No spend day

Friday - 
 No spend day


  • $86.98 - Costco (stocking up on our regular stuff)
  • $3.98 - Trader Joes (got a couple of ingredients for a curry recipe)
  • $8.93 - Produce stand (standard stuff - cauliflower, radishes, mini cucumbers, & wheat lavosh bread)
  • $20 - picked up a modem for my sister. She has been renting for $11/month & plans to have her own to save tons of money. She recently took care of a very nasty chore for me, so this is my gift.

Sunday -  No spend day

And, made $56.86 with eBay sales this week. I'll consider five no spend days a huge win!

Total spend for the week = $511.03. I'll take it! What about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 


  1. I understand the expense of a double party. We only did one huge party like that for each son but now that they are grown it was well worth it in memories.

  2. That seems high for a bowling party - we did them when my kids were young and it was somewhere around $10 a kids are older so maybe things have changed that much!!!!