Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday plans & a menu

I'm very happy it's the weekend! The boys have a soccer tournament this weekend, so I need to get things done in between activities. I've already created a menu plan & shopping list for the week. Luckily, we don't need much this week, as we still have a lot in the fridge. This also means that we don't particularly need anything from Costco today & can wait until tomorrow, if it works best with the schedule.

The house is a wreck, and I have a bunch of house chores to get done. Here's what I need to get done today:

  1. Work out
  2. Pack/make lunches for after game
  3. Take the boys to the first game, along with carpool kid
  4. Clean the fridge
  5. Make muffins
  6. Clean the kitchen
  7. Bathrooms
  8. Vacuum
  9. Laundry (uniforms will need to be washed for tomorrow's games)
  10. Make dinner
  11. Costco - this may shift to tomorrow and/or my husband may need to do this. 

Menu plan:

  • Friday - homemade naan/pita pizzas with fridge leftovers. Pesto/grape/chicken/parmesan/pepper and red sauce/chicken/pepper for the other
  • Saturday - a Persian beef/rice dish tacos. Meat is already prepped, and we'll be at a soccer tournament for most of the day
  • Sunday - tacos. Meat is already prepped, and we'll be at a soccer tournament for most of the day
  • Monday - leftover tacos
  • Tuesday - leftover Persian dish
  • Wednesday - spaghetti & meatballs, or similar easy freezer dinner
  • Thursday - can probably get one more dinner out of the Persian rice dish
  • Friday -  TBD. Sam has a dance, and I'll likely be busy packing for skiing. I may pick up a frozen lasagna or similar easy option.
What about you? What are you putting on the menu this week? What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. Another busy soccer weekend for you! I am on a mission to clean out the freezer so unthawed a bunch of stuff I make a casserole for friends who are coming for dinner. No meal planning beyond that though,except there is only $30 left in the grocery budget that I have to ensure makes it to the end of the month. No spur of the moment grocery shopping for me

  2. I'm doing a fridge clean out so not usre what I'll find that needs to be used up. I made some turkey meatballs either to go with spaghetti or to eat as a main dish meat with potatoes and vegetables. We are expecting a lot of snow, but I didn't feel the need to stock-up, in fact, using it as an excuse to get creative in the kitchen. I hope to post what I cam eup with, though DD2 and I did buy Olympic watching snacks of mostly processed crap as we all wanted a relaxing night. there are still some of those left.

  3. You have a busy life with the boy's activities.
    I am still working on the laundry room, waiting mainly for some help because I cannot physically move some of the pieces by myself. It may never get finished.