Wednesday, July 14, 2021

2021 Goal Check - the half way mark

It's hard to believe, but 2021 is more than half way over. I always like to check in on my goals, and see how things are going, & what needs more attention.


  • Stick to our budget - well, we're on track for groceries, but over on dining out & gas. We may need to increase our dining out budget, now that things are opening back up again. We don't go out much, but M & I do enjoy a date night here & there, and we typically do take out with the boys once per month or so. 
  • Pay down our mortgage to the half way point - yes! We're now on track to have the entire mortgage balance paid off by EOY, thanks to selling our vacation house. 
  • Spend $250 or less on clothing for myself (not including running shoes) - I wrote a post about this, but I'm largely on track at $127.04
  • Take my parents to Maui for my dad's belated 70th birthday, and in lieu of a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents. - done, and fantastic times were had by all. We kept the budget pretty well in check, and planned for indulgences, and skipped the things we cared less about. 
  • Consider remodeling our bedroom area - we have decided not to do this for now, and will likely wait until the boys are out of the house. 
  • Increase charitable giving by adding a "$1k kind deeds fund" - yes, and I've spent roughly half of this. 
  • Plan one fun activity/month with the kids - yes! We've done lots of fun things. Biking, walking in the neighborhood, trips to Oregon & Hawaii, mountain biking, tennis, etc. 
  • Off the computer (minus reading) by 7:30 each evening - I did really well with this for the first four months or so, but have fallen back into my habit of being on the laptop until bed time. It really impacts the quality of my sleep, so I need to get back to this. 
  • Have two dates per month with M - yes! We also went to Sonoma together, and have a few weeks alone in July. 
  • Schedule quarterly calls with M's family & fill in with videos - we've done one call (time zones are tricky) & made a few videos. I also send photos, which my in laws love. 
  • Lose 10 lbs - before Hawaii, I was at 7 lbs lost. Now I'm closer to 3-4 lbs lost, and need to get back into it. 
  • Run 100 times - I've run exactly 50 times!
  • Track calories, eat a balanced diet - mostly doing well, but there have been some challenging stretches in there for sure. Vacations and schedule variances really throw me off. 
  • Complete 15,000 minutes of cardio, 100 strength & 50 stretching workouts - I'm at 8,600 minutes of cardio, and decided to do daily strength & stretching challenges instead. 
  • Meditate 100 times - I've meditated 67 times, so well on track
  • Deal with food allergy/stomach issue - I've seen the doctor, and done a food allergy test. But, now my doctor thinks this is related to other health issues. I have more follow up s scheduled. 


  • Practice Farsi and/or Spanish - I'm pretty good about practicing Spanish (via Duolingo) on week days
  • Do something social with friends at least once/month - yes, typically hikes or walking
  • Invest time in my volunteer job - this was more intense before a major milestone, but has quieted down a bit
  • Write & journal regularly - yes to journaling, but I could spend more time writing
  • Improve myself (judge less, listen more, stop swearing) - as always, I'm a work in progress. I've definitely cut way, way, way back on the swearing. 
  • Get crafty - I haven't done much since spring/summer started. The nice weather means I'm typically outside
  • Make kind deeds a regular part of my daily life - I try to think of this when I'm writing my Frugal Friday recap, which helps me remember this throughout the week

What about you? Did you set any goals for the year? How are you doing? 


  1. You are doing very well and on track with your goals. Some things just take time!

    1. Patience is most certainly not my virtue, but you are correct! Most goals take time & habit building.

  2. You are maing a lot of pgoress a tthe halfway point I'm feelign the pressure of losing weight-my knees just can't take too much more extra pounds.

    1. Losing weight is a struggle. I feel like I learn more skills as I age, but my metabolism is slowing down as well.

  3. Good for you. I have not doe well at all on concentrating on paying off the house loan as I have been having too much fun but I will work on that more.

  4. You have done well! I so appreciate your organizational skills with your goals. It is inspiring.

  5. And Farsi, thats pretty cool!

  6. I’m so excited for you that you will have your house paid off by the end of the year. That is wonderful.

  7. Your post made me think of setting goals for the remaining months of the year. Well done!

  8. Seeing your great progress on so many goals makes me wish I had set some goals :) You are doing great!