Sunday, July 11, 2021

Zucchini fritters & other things

I ended up sitting by the pool & reading for most of yesterday, and it was so relaxing. M & I are enjoying the quiet time together, and the kids are very much enjoying their time with my parents. 

We were originally planning to have steak & caprese salad last night, but I made zucchini fritters, & they were so delicious & filling that we skipped the steak. If you have extra zucchini in your fridge, these are fabulous. I also vacuumed, made reservations for next weekend, booked a house for the holidays, replanted seeds, & listed a bunch on Buy Nothing & eBay. 

Today's list looks similar to yesterday. It's so nice to have the flexibility to carry things over from one day to the next.

Also, here's hoping I see these guys on my run this morning.

Today's to do list:
  • Clean the fridge
  • Run
  • Strength workout
  • List 5 more items on eBay/FB marketplace, and 5 on Buy Nothing
  • Pickle jalapenos/peppers
  • Swap out Nick's desk (I need M's help for this one)
  • Update the budget
  • Talk to neighbor (again) about leaking sprinkler. It continues to flood our sheds. She's 90+, so unfortunately, it can be a challenge to get things resolved. 
That's all for me. What are you hoping to accomplish today?


  1. Zucchini Fritters sound delicious. That’s sad about your neighbor being 90 and things being hard to resolve due to that. I hope you can work something out and stop the leaking into your shed.

    1. She's always very friendly (to me, less so to my husband), but I'm not always sure she understands &/or communicates with her yard service. I may ask this time if it would be okay if I mentioned the leak to her yard service. They are responsible for repairing the sprinkle, so maybe that will get us sorted out.

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice relaxing day yesterday, but still sounds like it was productive too.. The zucchini fritters sound delicious, I'll definitely be trying them. Thanks for sharing the recipe link. The only thing on the agenda for me today is doing my son's meal prep for the week for him, he's been on vacation and won't return until this evening. Have a great Sunday!

    1. You are such a great mom! I can't imagine anything better than coming home from a vacation & having meals prepped. Love it!

  3. You will probably have to go fix it yourselves if she will let you. Glad you had a free day!

    1. She has a yard service, and they are in charge of the sprinklers. I think she's mentioned it to them before, and it gets better, but then breaks again. I'm thinking of asking her if we can talk to her yard service person this week when they arrive, and show them the sheds & what's happening. That's all I can think of.

  4. Sorry about the neighbor situation. We've a bit of a dilema here but not quite the same. Reading pool side sounds fabulous.