Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Workout Roundup - double edition

Covering two weeks, as a I missed a post during my vacation 

Week 1 Workouts

  • Monday - 90 minute elliptical
  • Tuesday -  70 minute elliptical + short walk
  • Wednesday - 20 minute treadmill walk + 60 minute spin class 
  • Thursday - 1 hour walk/run
  • Friday - 45 minutes on the elliptical, before I was interrupted by a kid who needed a ride
  • Saturday - setting up a birthday party, prepping all of the food, etc. No workout
  • Sunday - clean up of the above, helping my mom. No workout.

Week 2 (vacation mode) Workouts

  • Monday - 2.5 mile walk + 90 minutes of kayaking
  • Tuesday -  90 minutes of walking, split into several chunks
  • Wednesday - 50 minute walk + 30 minute evening walk
  • Thursday - 45 minute walk
  • Friday - 30 minute walk
  • Saturday -  40 minute walk
  • Sunday - 60 minute Orange Theory class

Eating - my eating was all over the place, but well over my calorie goals while on vacation!

Lowlights - plenty of snacking, and general junky food/treats, while on vacation. 

Highlights - still reasonably consistent with workouts.

Focus for the week ahead - getting back on a healthy eating & working out trajectory. 

What about you? How are you doing with your workouts, or healthy eating?


  1. I've been neglectful the last couple weeks. Need to change scale battery so I can see fluctuating weight, which for me is motivating.

  2. Since moving and coming down with COVID, I am completely off my game. But I'll get back on the wagon next week.

  3. I have been snacking way too much lately so am trying to cut back on that.

    God bless.