Sunday, August 28, 2022

Travel day schedule

 Ah, the time has come for my trip to Japan. What does my schedule look like? Thought I'd share for those who are curious.

  • Up at 5:30, so I have time for coffee, before I squeeze in a quick workout
  • 6-7, workout. This is mostly because I'll be sitting for the rest of the day, and it helps with jet lag
  • 7-8, shower, finish last minute packing
  • 8-9, Uber to the airport. SFO is not my preferred airport, but the only realistic option for international flights
  • 9-11, time at the airport. Because my trip requires a specialized visa, United requires me to arrive early & show them the visa, before I can even check in for my flight
The flight is then 11 hours. Once I arrive in Tokyo:

  • Clear customs (on a good, non-COVID day, this is ~1 hr process). I have no idea what to expect, with all of the new COVID requirements. I've done the "Fast Track" COVID process, but still planning for complications
  • Share a cab with a coworker to the hotel
  • I'll be arriving at the hotel around 4, local time
  • Check in, & go to the gym. Again, the gym is the least appealing option ever, when you're jet lagged. However, it helps kill time, & reduce the chances of falling asleep in your room, and really does help reset your body clock. Keep in mind, didn't sleep on the flight
  • Finish at the gym, shower, order room service
  • Typically try to be asleep by 8 pm, local time. 
  • Usually get about ~6 hours of sleep (jet lag) the first night. Up early for a full day at the office
It promises to be a LONG day! I will take a comp day, as my flight requires giving up an entire weekend day. Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Safe travels! Ginger

  2. That sounds like a nightmare, at least for my typical air sick self. My hat is off to you. THEN, you have to deal with the actual work!!!! Yikes! My cousin was with a couple of international companies,
    one for thirty years, and used to go to China, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, India, etc. depending on which company he was working with at the time, and the flying was just …….all of y’all who travel continuously, and all over the world, really have stressors others do not understand. Folks think it is glamorous, but don’t realize the physical and mental stress that accompanies it. That is not a sightseeing tour! Cindy in the South

  3. That sounds grueling. You are smart to build in times and activity to help with jet lag.

  4. I hope it is a safe flight and the trip goes as well as it can.

  5. You are going to have a very long day. I hope things are not too tiring for you and you get through customs as quickly as possible.

    God bless.

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan LifeAugust 28, 2022 at 7:26 PM

    Whew! Thanks for sharing, I always love hearing travel plans and how it went after. I hope all goes smoothly. I remember you said that you can't sleep on flights, does that help or hurt with fighting the jetlag?

  7. Good idea on the exercise to help keep you awake. Safe travels to you too!