Monday, February 27, 2023

Menu Plan Monday

Nick's school soccer season is over, but club soccer has begun & he's also playing school tennis. ;-) It's still busy almost every week night, so we're relying on prepped freezer meals, & making meals as we can. Here's what's on our menu this week. 

  • Friday - pulled pork + coleslaw
  • Saturday - chicken shawarma
  • Sunday - grilled burgers & fries
  • Monday - Mexican one dish rice
  • Tuesday - leftover pulled pork
  • Wednesday - leftover Mexican one dish rice
  • Thursday - pasta & baked chicken
  • Friday - wings & gyozos
What's on your menu this week? Have you tried any new recipes lately?


  1. No new recipes. I'm slowly getting my cooking-groove back. Last night, after work, DH and youngest went to a Mexican place when youngest got off work, bringing me back an enchilada meal. It was okay, but it made me realize why I don't care to go out to eat often. Tonight will be the rib roast, roasted carrots, and mashed potatoes with gravy that should have happened yesterday. Tomorrow will be leftovers of that. I'm also baking a pumpkin pie today. Going forward, I think we will have spaghetti with meatballs, baked chicken breasts, and mahi mahi one night.

    1. I don't make very tasty enchiladas, so that would be something I'd buy. Or, arroz con pollo. Yum. Another favorite. We made a conscious decision when we moved here (10 years or so ago) not to find favorite restaurants (Thai, Mexican, general favorites, etc). Without having them, we are tempted less frequently to go out. We do go out for occasions, and have a few top choices, but the yummy dishes don't call to us, because we don't know what a lot of places have.

      Ooh, mahi mahi sounds good. I'll have to see if I can find some, and make a nut crusted version.

  2. Is this his Jr. or Sr. year? I remember those days/nights being filled to the brim with activities.

    1. Nick is a sophomore, Sam is a junior. And yes, SO many activities. Sam has really blossomed socially, which is awesome to see, but he's never home, & I'll admit that I miss him.

  3. I made a pork curry and it turned out not too badly. Pretty spicy though.

    God bless.