Sunday, March 5, 2023

A wardrobe update

When we go to Dubai in April, it will be Ramadan. From what I can tell, it looks like a more modest dress code is recommended during that time of year. It's also going to be 80 degrees or so. I've done some research, and it looks like I'll need to be covering my shoulders and knees, while keeping cool. I don't own anything that fits the bill exactly, as every dress I own, save for two, hit me just above the knee. 

I've made a bunch of online orders, and have realized 1) how picky I am 2) that I have a very definite opinion of what I like (fitted vs flowy) and 3) I've never been much of a fan of a midi length (midi is a cut that hits you sort of half way between your knees & ankles.) 

I'll also be seeing my husband's relatives that I've never met before, and will be very unlikely to see again. So, I'd like to look reasonably good, at this one an only shot of making an impression. ;-) 

In an attempt to cast a wide net for things well outside of my comfort zone, I've ordered many, many things from stores across all different price points & styles. 

Here's what I've found so far:

Two of these dresses (one black, one navy). I will wear them with a light sweater or wrap. I also went up a size from what I'd typically order, because I don't want them to be too form fitting. These are from Target.

This dress from Loft. It hits me differently than it does the model, and the slit is on the side, not above the knee.

Two dresses that I already own (woohoo), that will also need to be worn with a sweater/wrap.

This skirt (Nordstrom) , that I plan to wear with a tank top & sweater/wrap. 

I set a pretty hefty budget for this trip, but I've spent very little of it, which is great. Let's hope the last few orders I get in are winners! I'd love to get in a pair of light weight pants, a few tank tops, and need to find some light wraps/sweaters in my closet. I'm also planning to borrow a few wraps from friends, as they are not the type of thing I'd normally wear.

What is your style? Do you enjoy shopping? I'm NOT a fan, particularly when I'm looking for very specific things.


  1. Well, you already know that I'm a fashionista & I said Yes to every single point you made about yourself. I, too, prefer for fitting (sheath) dresses and can't stand the midi length. Knee length or slightly above for me. I don't look good in midi or long things. I learned years ago that you actually stay cooler being covered up in extreme heat. I love all your colors (love the Loft dress), but please remember that dark colors absorb heat. Also, might I suggest linen pants. I know that Old Navy sells nice linen pants (casual). If you're looking for a more dressy type of lightweight/linen pants, try Banana Republic or Macy's. Pity you missed that Chico's $10 sale. I found lots of lovely lightweight cotton & linen tunics (which covers arms & shoulders) during that sale. That would've been perfect for your trip. Sorry, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I'm just trying to help :) Well done on coming in way under budget. I hope the rest of your orders meet your expectations. I'm excited about your trip :)

    1. I love the input - thank you! I'm a huge black clothing fan, and wear it even when it's hot. I'm trying to branch out into more colors, but I default to black. I've ordered a few light weight pants, and am hoping to get those in the next few days.

      If you know of anywhere that sells inexpensive wraps, please let me know! I think that would help round out some of my outfits.

  2. I follow
    On insta and she links/shows many Muslim appropriate outfits (often extremely affordable), and often pants. She is based out of TX so it’s quite warm-maybe helpful?

  3. have great clothes and good prices. Free shipping on sundays.

  4. Those are points I never thought about. I love what you have picked. I wear a great many long skirts during the summer. They are actually very cool.

    God bless.

  5. I’ve visited the UAE…I found Talbots to be the easiest place to find more modest, but summer, apparel. I don’t normally shop there, but they tend to have sleeves and longer dresses more appropriate for the culture.

  6. I have a black travel dress that I love I can ship it to you.

  7. I'm a jeans girl with a dressier top. I really like the blog Shaeffer Told Me To for style advice. I'm also a fan of Cyndi Spivey. Both ladies style really cute outfits and have recommendations for dressier things as well.