Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Things

I was reasonably productive yesterday, and did a lot of driving around (for Nick). We are in the home stretch here, as Nick has his driving test in a few weeks. I typically spend Sundays preparing for the week ahead, and today will be filled with that, plus lots of soccer!

I also had the boys go through all of their shorts for Dubai. As expected, many are outgrown. The good news is that there was some sharing between the kids (Sam is taller than Nick). I'll pass on the outgrown shorts via Buy Nothing, and hopefully save another parent some money. I did place an order for a few additional pairs, and buy Nick tennis shorts. Shorts that fit the bill for his tennis matches are expensive & hard to find, so those are ordered.

To do list for today:

  • Workout class
  • First club soccer game of the season for Nick, so help him get ready to go. M is taking him to Monterey, which is not close at all.
  • Watch two soccer games for Sam. At least he can drive himself to warmups!
  • List shorts on Buy Nothing
  • Call my parents
  • Sort out plans for next week, particularly as I have to be in the city twice. Drat. My least favorite work activity.
  • Coordinate logistics with our Colorado friend, for our upcoming visit
  • Return two items that I bought for Dubai & don't need
  • Shred cabbage for coleslaw
  • Make a salad
  • Clean the kitchen
That's it for us. What are you up to today? I'll be attempting to stay dry at soccer, as it's supposed to be another very wet day!


  1. You have a busy day ahead of you! I’m doing laundry and getting caught up on blog reading. I hope you have a great week ahead. 😊

  2. Excited for your family to go to Dubai and see the boy’s grandmother!! That is so wonderful!!!! I baked a turkey breast today and intend to use it for the week. Cindy in the South

    1. We never have turkey & I miss it! We aren't at my parents for Thanksgiving, and the kids don't like it, so we always have steak. ;-)

      I'm also thrilled that my MIL gets to see the boys. And, that I get to meet my niece, SIL & the rest of the family. Although, let's be honest, the boys are the big draw for everyone. I'm just there!

  3. I went to church and then took myself to a new coffee house. Currently, I'm working on my April budget

    1. That sounds lovely. Hope the new coffee house was nice.

  4. When is your trip? I will be very interested to hear about it.
    I hope you got your Sunday list completed. I actually miss the days of going to the kids events.