Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday things

I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday at my workout class (I think the rower was the culprit), so I was unable to do the "dry" triathlon I'd been training for this morning. I'm pretty disappointed, but bending is really challenging (getting the clothes out of the dryer, emptying the dishwasher, etc). Fingers crossed things are better by tomorrow.

Here's what I'm up to today:

  • Talk to the boys about homework, and ensure everyone is on top of all of their assignments
  • Either walk or run (so far, this seems like it will work, as it doesn't involve any bending over. But, I'll do nothing, if it bothers my back.)
  • Practice French, on Duolingo
  • Take Nick to a soccer game
  • Prep for the week ahead (it's a bunch of calendar consolidation, from various sources - my work calendar, boys soccer calendar, boys general activities, tennis schedule, etc). 
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Vacuum (I don't know that this is realistically in the cards, with my back. I may try.)
  • Return a dish to a neighbor
  • List 2 items on eBay
M is grilling burgers for dinner, which sound delicious. What about you? What are you up to today? 


  1. Ouch, back pain is the worst, take care to ensure it resolves as quickly as possible. Today is a paperwork day even though it is a beautiful day here in Hawaii. Even in paradise the mundane needs to be done.

    1. Thanks! I've been doing lots of "fun" stuff - massage gun, foam rolling (not super helpful, as it's not in the right spot), using a heating pad, resting, and taking Tylenol. It's a lot better today, although I can definitely still feel it when I run.

      Ahhhh, now I'm thinking of a beautiful day in Hawaii!