Sunday, February 7, 2016

Spending our yearly budget

We have two different budgets - our yearly budget, which includes irregular expenses such as: travel, house, auto, etc. We also have monthly budgets, for more regular expenses - groceries, gas, childcare, etc.

According to the math, the year is ~10% over, so I thought I'd check in on our spending so far. Things are looking good! The boys have had several field trips that we've paid for (Boys - All category). I also bought tshirts for their annual walkathon that benefits their school. I think I'm getting reimbursed for the total in the Gifts category, as I purchased birthday gifts for the kids from my mom.

The Travel spend is a ticket for M from here to Portland, for next weekend. He normally doesn't join for the water park trip/boys birthday parties, but given that we're also celebrating my birthday this year, he decided to attend last minute.

The House category is three purchases: bulbs for the yard, a new scale (needed ;-)), and a phone case. As for Personal, that includes three hair cuts (M, & both kids).

And, on Clothing, I returned a few gifts, and then made several purchases on my 2016 shopping list. These include - black work flats, nude work flats, comfortable dark wash jeans. I liked the $19.99 Calvin Klein jeans from Costco so much that I picked up another pair to leave at our vacation house. I only have one pair there, and the knees are almost ripped out.

Overall, I'd say we're well on track. But, of course, they are irregular expenses, which means it's difficult to know when any spending will be taking place. I do know that we plan to put the full $2K in the boys college accounts as soon as we get our refund from the state of Washington's 529 plan. We'll immediately roll over to Utah's plan.

TotalsBudgetActualPercent SpentPercent Year Elapsed
Boys (All)100080.188.02%10.41%
Boys Activities150000.00%10.41%
Boys College200000.00%10.41%
Clothing (All)200013.170.66%10.41%

How about you? Do you break your monthly & yearly spending out? How do you track the more irregular expenses? 

Are you excited about the Super Bowl? I'm not particularly passionate about the game this year, but we will be going to a cousin's house to watch the game together. I'm making a homemade hummus & veggie tray. Trying to stay on track with my health while still celebrating. :-) 

Wishing you a happy & productive Sunday!!

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