Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekends go too quickly here

Weekends go too quickly around these parts. I'm thinking you would all say the same thing. Somehow, the weekends never magically extend to give me time to check off all of my to do list. ;-)

Here's what's happening around here this weekend. We have one sick boy. Sam has been sick for about a week, and now has a terrible cough. Poor guy is really struggling, and is sad that he missed his last indoor soccer game today. Hopefully he'll be better by Monday.

I went for a run/walk this morning (trying to build up to a 5K again by a trip in April) & it was cool & gorgeous this morning. Perfect running temperature. I also went to Costco, returned a gift that didn't fit, and purchased our groceries. We were out of coffee beans, meatballs (I opted to buy more vs making :-)) & the boys favorite quick weekend lunch (nuggets) were on sale. Other than that, I stuck to the basics, although we did need garbanzo beans (hummus) & Pam cooking spray. Total spent for that was $91.76, with the big outliers being the coffee beans, meatballs & nuggets.

We dropped off our car for a service, and decided to have lunch out. Lunch out is a pretty rare thing for us, unless we're traveling. We have a variety of gift cards through work that are a "use them or lose them" thing over the next few weeks. One was for a Mediterranean restaurant near the dealership, so we tried it out. Lunch for four ended up being $6.20 (after the gift card), and the food was really good. Not quite as good as our favorite Greek restaurant in Seattle, but delicious. I had a chicken schwarma wrap, and everyone else has gyros.

I'm off in a bit to take Nick to his final soccer game, and to a pizza party after the game. M & Sam will stay home to rest & probably heat up a pizza from the freezer.

I also need to return some books to the library (I swear, there are always books waiting to be returned around here), and I *finally* got all of our tax documents gathered up & downloaded. I'm going to try & scan them all in tomorrow while Nick is at soccer & get everything shipped off to the accountant. That would be a huge win!

Lastly, I filled out & mailed our vacation house rental application & check for the licensing application. Who knows what our plan will be in the next year, but this expands our options, once approved.

And, that's it! I hope to have a glass of wine at maybe watch a movie with M tonight. If that's not too much to ask. ;-) What about you? What are you looking forward to today? Did you accomplish anything off of your February goals?


  1. We had to move a bunch of stuff around in the house as they are deliverying construction materials on Tuesday for our bathroom reno and we needed to make room for it all(as it can't fit in the garage. The temp hit high 50's here today(incredible for this time of year here!)so I got out into the garage and did my stockpile inventory. Then it was a ride on the exercycle and a nap. That's about it for here today. 8-)

  2. I was wondering about those Costco meatballs. Are they good? I don't really make meatballs and thought these would be a great easy dinner option . do you think they're worth the $17 ?
    I didn't do much except walk and tidy things and then I'm making bean,rice and chicken bowls for dinner.

  3. After a good morning spent with a cousin who was in town expectantly, we all scrounged lunch for ourselves. Laundry and prep for the week ahead is on my plate, and a little blog reading.