Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly spending roundup - 2/15-2/21

We were traveling on Monday, so you'll see some miscellaneous travel charges, in addition to our normal weekly spend.

Monday - 2/15

  • $9.93 - Target at the airport for cold medicine & kleenex for Sam. Used a gift card, so total out of pocket was $0.
  • $20.80 - Chipotle for lunch before our flight
  • $69.99 - car rental
  • $17.96 - Uber from the airport home
  • $51.09 - Chevron, gas

Tuesday - 2/16

  • $3.99 - M missed dinner due to a late meeting, & ate at the Costco food court after picking up groceries. ;-)
  • $77.95 - Costco, groceries
  • $19.75 - Costco, laundry soap. We didn't need any, and Costco is usually not the cheapest anyway, but M saw that it was on sale & picked it up.
  • $10 - school lunch money
  • $16 - field trip

Wednesday - 2/17 - no spend day
Thursday - 2/18 - no spend day

  • $90 for the cleaning lady. I got it down to just one time this month! She really isn't doing a better job than what I can accomplish in a couple of hours on a weekend, so it's time to find another option or go it alone. 

Friday - 2/19

  • $5 - Rite Aid, for two bags of Lifesaver, spearmint flavor. I have one after dinner sometimes to stop myself from eating dessert or snacking. 

Saturday - 2/20

  • $75 - rental application to get our names on the wait list for our vacation house. Not sure if we'll take advantage, but the wait list can be up to 7 months long, so we want to have all options available.
  • $91.76 - Costco, for groceries. All of the basics.
  • $6.20 - lunch at a kebab place, after using a $20 gift card
  • $30 - combined dinner/pizza party after Nick's last game & our donation to the coach's end of season gift

Sunday - 2/21
  • $26.07 - Costco, soil for our planters. 
  • $10.22 - produce stand for lavosh bread, two bunches of radishes, and apparently, over $7 worth of Persian cucumber. They are very expensive these days - $2.99/pound!
  • $46.46 - Costco for more groceries. M has a real Costco addiction, as you can see. ;-) 
  • -$125.63 - returned a few birthday items that were gifts & didn't fit. 

Total spent for the week = $542.60. Not as low as my $350 spend a few weeks ago, but all in all, pretty decent. I need to do a better job of minimizing grocery trips (M is a man on a mission with the produce), but other than that, things were pretty reasonable. 

What about you? How did you do with your spending last week?


  1. Hope your little guy is doing better. At least he is on a mission with produce-that's something.

    1. Sam is feeling better. The cough isn't gone yet, but he's certainly feeling better, which is great. And yes, life could definitely be worse than buying lots of produce! ;-)