Monday, February 20, 2017

Construction projects on a rainy Monday & the shower window

I'm loving this bonus day of the weekend! Just a quick post, because I'm off to do something new & fun today. :-)

When we bought our house, there were some very interesting design "decisions". One of my least favorite is the master shower. It has both a built in planter (previously containing live plants - picture falling leaves, dust & dirt all over your shower), as well as a pink plexiglass "screen" outside of the house, near the shower. I suppose this was a good option to blocking the view into the shower from the yard? I get the need for privacy, but there were many, many other suitable options: blinds, a mature bush, filmed window . . .

I've been complaining about the shed for a week or so, and M has been busy with other projects. So, today I will go to the new house & tear down the plexiglass shed/screen. Should be fun!

In other news, I've made muffins this morning (cranberry - M's favorites) as a special treat for M & the crew at the house. I also need to wrap up our weekly schedule, email the nanny, compost all of the lovely "shower plants", prep for my interview tomorrow, and go to the produce stand. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time for all of that!

What about you? Have you done construction projects (or, demolition, more appropriately) before? Do you have a window in your shower? How do you provide privacy?

I will try to get before & after photos!


  1. We have windows in two of our showers. Both second story, but because of the vagaries of our house you could possible see in. One has a shade (need to be replaced as they get "rusty") and the other is a huge window over a big jacuzzi tub so I have shades now but want to look for one way film because I like seeing all the tree tops from there. So many projects all the time-

  2. Oh I do hope you can get the pictures. I am trying to imagine the screen but am having little luck.
    Have fun knocking down the shed. Many years ago we were having a new deck built but they were going to charge an additional 1000 for demolition and removal of the existing one, so I got a hammer and crowbar and got all the decking boards removed and to the street for pickup. It was amazingly therapeutic, though my language became a little salty at times.
    I have a window in the master bath that is not directly in the shower but to get into the shower you have to pass right through it. We needed the light from the window but did not need the neighbors peeking in. I cleaned the glass and got a caulking gun and 2 tubes of clear caulk. Then I "drew" a design on the windows ( think funky concentric circles) in very thick caulk lines. After that I "finger painted" the design
    so there was no actual clear glass showing but the curlycue designs were still very visible because of the amount of caulk I used to begin with. Originally I did it because it was a super cheap solution to a problem. That was 19 years ago and I have only had to redo it once.