Friday, February 10, 2017

Frugal Friday

Today will be less frugal, as it will involve a birthday dinner out, potentially lunch, and . . . champagne! :-) But, we were frugal earlier in the week. For my birthday, the boys know just what I like. I received new kitchen towels (the others are 15+ years old), & an electric kettle for all of my tea making.

Here are some of the frugal highlights for the week:
  • Line dry the majority of our clothes (our typical policy). We do machine dry our towels.
  • Used our yard fruit to make smoothies, along with frozen spinach that was rescued before it could go bad.
  • Used a price matching tool through my preferred airline to receive a $36.78 credit for a future flight. I routinely check all of my trips to see if the prices have dropped, and request credit. I will apply this credit to one of my summer flights.
  • I was out of chocolate chips & had them on my Costco list. I wandered past the clearance section of my local grocery store & found Hershey's bags on sale for $.57/bag. I bought 7 bags & saved approximately $6 over the Costco price for the same size. 
  • I also found tortilla chips on sale at Lucky, and was able to save $.99 on the same size vs at Costco.
  • No meals out
  • Sold a scarf on eBay for $30!
  • Ran (i.e. no car, using my legs :)) to the new house to drop off a few essentials & weigh in on tree placement in the yard.
  • Using a comp day from the holidays to relax, clean the house, & celebrate with no work!
I'm also volunteering at the school this afternoon, which I always enjoy. Happy Friday! How have you been saving money this week?


  1. I second the Birthday wishes! Enjoy that champagne. ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Wow, you are close enough to run to your new house, that will make moving so much easier and the transition on the boys a fairly simple process. Moving across town/city sometimes can seem like moving to a different planet

  3. Happy Birthday! Nothing save worthy to write about, but well done to you.

  4. Happy Birthday! Champagne sounds very nice!

  5. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the dinner and champagne and another year older.
    That is so cool your new house is a mile away. Now that's the way to move

  7. What is going on with Hershey baking chips? My store had them on clearance for 25 cents a bag, and I bought all they had, a total of 30 bags. I'm now giving a lot of them away to friends and family.

    Enjoy your birthday!