Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly spending roundup (1/30-2/5)

Keeping track of our spending helps me understand where our money is going, identify trends & areas where we can improve, and just generally makes me feel good about our budget.

Here's what we spent over the past week.

  • Monday - no spend day
  • Tuesday - no spend day
  • Wednesday:
    • $561.75 - enrolled the boys in camp for the February break
    • $215.99 - Sam's birthday present. A laptop for completing his homework - especially important as he starts middle school next year.
  • Thursday - 
  • Friday:
    • $579.13 - two weeks of summer camp, purchased at the school auction for a small discount. All of the money goes to the school.
    • $161.95 - art class for Nick - his birthday present. Again, purchased at the school auction.
  • Saturday:
    • -$61.79 - returned a few ski things we won't need (no skiing this year with the move & house purchase)
    • $8.34 - Costco, floor furniture pads
    • $7.99 - tortilla chips & chocolate chips at Lucky. The chocolate chips were marked down to $.57/bag, so a big bargain! They were on my shopping list (as were the tortilla chips), so it was a win.
    • $15.61 - a more expensive than usual trip to the produce stand. As a special Super Bowl splurge, I bought 5 lbs of mini cucumbers - everyone's favorite snack at my house. Who can resist, when that's the favorite snack? I also bought radishes, lavosh bread, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and a yellow pepper. 
    • $9.92 - a few other splurges at Trader Joes. Corn dogs for the kids lunches, sparkling lemonade (Super Bowl treat), & two bags of shelled edamame. 
    • $4.99 - Costco, for a forgotten brick of cheese while doing the rest of the shopping
    • $139.67 - Costco, for the rest of our groceries.
  • Sunday - $32.24 - gas

Total spent for the week = $1675.79. A big spending week, but includes lots of childcare, plus two birthday gifts. Yikes! We need to have an inexpensive week this week to balance it out. How about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 

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  1. Some weeks just hit harder than others and all you can do is try to have a better following week.
    I always hated the first few months at moving time. It seemed like everything spun out of control for a little while until the mental reset button was firmly in place. (We moved each time to a larger home so everything increased a little. Our next move will be seriously "down" and I am ready for it)
    Oh and the upside__that childcare cost has a specific shelf life and will disappear in a few years.