Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekly spending roundup - the house projects edition (2/13-2/19/17)

House projects are really, really expensive. ;-) We bought a house that was built in the 1950s, and while overall in good shape, had some very dated design decisions. We've been addressing as many issues as possible before moving in.

Rather than listing out all of the many expenses separately, I'll try to aggregate them, for my sanity.

  • Monday 2/13 - no spend day
  • Tuesday 2/14 - no spend day
  • Wednesday 2/15 - no spend day
  • Thursday 2/16 - $37.79 - dinner out for Sam's birthday
  • Friday 2/17:
    • $3.99 - movie rental for Sam at his sleepover
    • $33.13 - gas
  • Saturday 2/18:
    • Landfill (taking old supplies from the house) - $546
    • $36 - light fixtures
    • $792 - paint. I feel like this can't possibly be right. Maybe M bought duplicates & will return leftovers? I'm not even sure. 
    • $5.41 - Sam conned me into the beef brisket sandwich at Costco. He's 11 & skinny, and while I do feed him, he is clearly going through a growth spurt & gets famished within 10 minutes. In positive news, it lasted for a lunch & a snack. 
    • $100.45 - Costco, for the weekly groceries. Included bonus splurges of spinach & beets, because I'm trying to up my veggie intake. 
  • Sunday 2/19 - 
    • Sam's college ($100 was a birthday gift from my parents) - $115
    • $315 - registration for summer camp
Total spent = $1884.77 

We start to pay the contractors (painters, drywall person, & flooring) in the next week or so. . . *shivers*. What about you? Do you track your spending? How was your week?


  1. Wowsa landfill fees! I guess when real estate is so much landfill costs are higher too. It was a relatively cheap week, other than $60 groceries, $50 in dog grooming (once every 5 weeks) and last Saturday night we had a Greek restaurant date night which was $67. I also spent $8 on 2 coffees and 2 bagels as I take Mom with me to the town 1 hour away where I get the dog groomed. It is our Mother/Daughter time.

    1. You are right - I was blown away by the costs! Our landfill in Seattle was quite a bit better organized & significantly cheaper, so I suppose it comes down to overall affordability of the site. And, a good reminder for all of us to keep as much as possible out of the landfill!

    2. Also - love your mom/daughter dates!

  2. Were you safe from the flooding in San Jose??? We're down in Santa Barbara for a few days and it's pretty chilly and very windy.

    1. We were, thanks for asking. It's finally stopped raining here. Today is pretty nice, but the rest of the week was dismal. Sending good thoughts to everyone impacted!

  3. I am not sure what you are painting but our deck stain alone was over 500 bucks

    1. The entire house was a stark white when we moved in, so every room! :-)

  4. I am not sure what you are painting but our deck stain alone was over 500 bucks. Paint is not cheap .

  5. Besides prescriptions and doctor co-pays, we've spent nothing, though need to do the final bills Sunday night.We'll spend this weekend at Show Choir-though I will be limiting my time there to just my shifts and to see DD2 perform, and trying to rest more than I had originally planned.