Sunday, February 19, 2017

Recipe recommendation, & happiness for the three day weekend

M spent all of yesterday at the new house, demolition style. The house had a bunch of "built in" features we didn't want (TV in the bedroom that was built into the cabinets, built in china hutch, a 1950s speaker system, a garage with a variety of crumbling built in shelving, etc). M has signed up to dismantle everything so that the painters can patch & cover all of the oddities. We're saving about $4,000, and includes him taking all of the materials to the dump. He's been at it for a few days now - I'm so grateful he's handy!

I did yoga yesterday (felt amazing!!! Why don't I do it every day???), took boys to & fro to soccer, went to Costco 2x (a change in menu plans, but it was worth it), listed something on eBay, and took care of some paperwork at home.

I bought ground beef at Costco, with an expectation that I would make meat loaf. Everyone was "neutral" on it last time I made it. I decided to experiment with a different recipe, and a quick Allrecipes search turned up Baked Spaghetti. I've made Baked Spaghetti before, but the recipe has always turned out pretty dry, & nothing to write home about. This recipe, however, was incredible. I made it exactly as called for. I'll add that it's super rich. Three of us ate it (Nick won't eat things mixed together, so ate pasta & meatballs), and it will likely make 4 dinners for 3 people. The key step was to dreg the spaghetti noodles through the butter/parmesan blend before baking. It made all of the difference! If you have a smaller family or don't like leftovers, I recommend cutting this in half. Enjoy!

Here's our menu plan for the upcoming week:

  • Saturday - Baked spaghetti
  • Sunday - chicken risotto
  • Monday - homemade naan pizza
  • Tuesday - leftover baked spaghetti
  • Wednesday - leftover risotto
  • Thursday - leftover pizza
  • Friday - tacos

So, what's on the to do list for today?

  1. Thanks to Sam, I want to do a goal check in, now that 50 days of the year have elapsed.
  2. Yoga
  3. Laundry
  4. Make homemade rolls
  5. List 2 more things on Ebay
  6. Help the boys with their packing
  7. Take the kids to football
  8. A trip to the library
  9. Produce stand
  10. Gather all tax documents
  11. Wash all of the bedding
  12. Have Sam write birthday thank you notes
  13. Some sort of low impact cardio (my leg is still bothering me)
  14. Finish up some budgeting work
  15. Read my book for at least 30 minutes.
That's it! Do you have any good recipes to share? What's the one thing you hope to accomplish over this long weekend (if you are lucky enough to have a bonus day off?)


  1. Similar to your baked spaghetti recipe above, this has been a favourite of mine for almost 20 years!

    1. Oooh, just looked at that one & it looks fabulous. I'll put that on the list to try out as well. Yum!

  2. I love, it works great when you can adjust the recipes to 2 people versus a family