Sunday, February 4, 2018

A tired Sunday

Normally I'm pretty on top of things, but today has been one of those days. Got up early enough to take the boys to 8:00 am soccer, and got there & realized practice was at a different location. The coach had sent email about this, but worded it in a way that I thought he was talking about a different team. Scrapped soccer, & came home.

The boys & I cleaned the house (oh, having preteens help with the cleaning is such an exercise in patience!) I know it's a great longer term investment, but . .. Sam was in charge of vacuuming the floor, and it's still not very clean. Anyway, house is "clean" & ready to start the week. I also removed everything from the fridge & scrubbed down every drawer & surface. It needed it.

I took Nick to a quick playdate, & then dealt with some eBay sales, packed stuff up for our afternoon outing, & made lunches to go. Picked Nick up again, & took both boys to the BMX bike race. A friend is giving them a ride home.

I knew I wanted to work out, so I got out my HIIT workout DVD, got all of my stuff out, turned on the warm up . . . and nothing. Just can't do it. I'm exhausted & have a headache. Getting started is the hardest part of a workout, so I blame jet lag. Plan to relax for the rest of the day & get to bed early.

We'll be having a Mexican themed "linner" to go with the Super Bowl. I'll try & eat mostly veggies with hummus, but we'll also have tacos, nachos & taquitos. Should be lovely.

I also want to get outside to soak in a bit more sun - to help out with the jet lag! What about you? What are you eating this Sunday?


  1. Hope you get the needed rest/sun/ relaxation to recoup from jet lag.
    Super Bowl food here too! I am calling it variation on a theme of tacos and following Two Men and a Little Farm's sheet meal idea.

  2. It might not just be jet lag, maybe the lupus acting up? That is exactly how my fibro acts sometimes. Take care of yourself