Thursday, February 1, 2018

Frugal Friday

Posting from Tokyo, as it's already Friday here. :-)

A few wins for the week, despite being out of town for most of it:

  • Picked up a free baguette from our local grocery store
  • Used a gift card to get 2 packages of pasta ($.88/lb) at the store while I was there
  • Used my Rite Aid points to pick up 3 large mailing envelopes for future eBay sales
  • Received a free $2 produce coupon at Costco, which is super unusual
  • Used my Costco cash card to buy our groceries for the week, as well as a pair of pants for Sam for his birthday. (His request) He rides his bike daily to school, and only has one pair of long pants. 
  • And, my big win. After repeated calling, finally got our insurance company to lower our car insurance by $265/year, due to our updated odometer readings. 

What about you? How did you do with your frugal plans for the week? Any big wins? 


  1. We successfully had not eating out this week for lunch-that in and of itself for hubs is a good thing, plus ate up leftovers. I feel like I was a success with my grocery challenge-needed because it was a spendy month otherwise.

  2. Good for you! I received a $25 GC from a grocery store that is giving away them as a concession for a bread price fixing scam that happened in Canada with all the major grocery stores. They were not involved but got on the bandwagon which I thought was nice. I stayed on grocery budget which was amazing, doing the same this month as it is short, might even have some left at the end of feb. Took Mom to lunch but only spent $14 so it was super cheap (we both have a love of burritos). This weekend will be more spendy but oh well. Hope you have a safe trip home