Friday, February 16, 2018

Frugal Friday

Although it didn't particularly feel like a frugal week, we did have some wins. On the non-frugal side, I booked summer camps for the kids, booked a day of camp I need for next week (ski break) & booked my parents to come for spring break. (I pay for their flights). All of these are budgeted, but it felt like a lot at once!

Here are the frugal wins for the week:

  • Ate all meals at home (although, tonight we'll be eating pizza out for Sam's birthday. It's already been paid for as part of the bowling/pizza package).
  • Kept food waste to a minimum. I love looking in the fridge at the end of the week & seeing it pretty much cleared out. It's perfect just before re-stocking.
  • Stuck to just cards for the adults for Valentine's Day.
  • Sold two kids jerseys for $10 through our local Facebook swap
  • I've been reading free books that I got from work. I've finished 7 so far this year. 3 have been great, 2 have been good, 2 have been passable. Can't win them all. ;-) 
  • I've been working out & staying on track with my eating. Which is good, because most of my clothes don't fit & I don't want to buy anything new. 
What about you? Any frugal wins for the week? 


  1. I caught our asparagus and spinach before it went off and am throwing them both into a pizza tonight. (Alas, I missed that point for the two remaining persian cucumbers from the weekend before last, sad.)

    I've restocked our produce and picked up bone in pork shoulder for $1/lb at Sprouts thinking ahead to our next dinner with friends.

    We only ate out once and it was deliberate - we had our first date in years!

    And I've gone through half a dozen books free from the library.

  2. I felt bad tht DD2 and I overordered food for lunch yesterday and had to toss some (no place to keep leftovers) but it could have been worse as we shred a personl pizz, cheese curds,and waffle fries. Bothte waffle fries and pizza were so much bigger than I was epxecting and we just couldn't eat it all despite being pretty hungry. We didn't do anything expensive for Valentines, just laid low, and DD2 has access to a free community gym which wi save some costs. Little bits help.