Thursday, February 8, 2018

Weekly spending recap (1/22-2/4)

It's a two week summary, as I didn't get to this while I was traveling last week.

Monday (1/22) -  No spend day

Tuesday (1/23) - The boys went BMX racing with friends. Total cost was $80 ($60 of that was for a yearly membership for Sam). $20 is the standard entry for two.

Wednesday (1/24) - Tip for a massage for a back issue I'm having - $10, and $15 towards my disabled aunt's health care.

Thursday (1/25) 

  • $143 to the DMV for a car tag renewal
  • $262.50 for our nanny (two weeks)

Friday (1/26) - $16 for a tshirt for school (this is a fundraiser)

Saturday (1/27)

  • $1 to mail a certified letter
  • $94.06 - soil, seed & aerator
  • $120 - charger for the chainsaw
  • $8.06 - produce stand

Sunday (1/28) - No spend day

Monday (1/29) - No spend day

Tuesday (1/30) - No spend day

Wednesday (1/31) - No spend day

Thursday (2/1) - No spend day

Friday (2/2) - $32.97 - In & Out for the four of us + 3 of the power workers who were at the house. We had no power, and I was jetlagged. That's my excuse. ;-)

Saturday (2/3)

  • $13.76 - uber to the repair shop to check on our car. Sigh.
  • $300 - Home Depot gift cards. These generated a $45 Starbucks gift card, and we will be using them shortly for more house stuff
  • $7.17 - Lucky for cream cheese & a few other things
  • $4.62 - Bananas & spicy hummus at Trader Joes

Sunday (2/4)

  • $20 for BMX racing for the kids

Total spend for the two weeks is $1087.14. Given that $300 will be used for home repairs, after minusing that out, it's a pretty standard amount. Note that you don't see any Costco bills. We're using our gift card for groceries. I also made $285.03. All of the money I make in my sidehustle goes towards our unfunded 2018 goals (kids college accounts + our vacation house mortgage). 

What about you? Do you track your weekly spending? How have you been doing keeping your expenses in check? 


  1. I should probably start tracking my spending weekly instead of monthly and posting it- it would help me keep a closer eye on it I think.

    1. It definitely helps. I don't love the work, but appreciate the insights & better accountability