Saturday, February 10, 2018

Menu plan & a relaxing Saturday

It's supposed to be a gorgeous day here today, and all signs are very promising. I'm planning to go for a run, and then mostly relax until it's time to go to Nick's futsal game. Regular season soccer is now back on, so we also have a game tomorrow morning.

Our menu plan is a bit different this week, as we're not doing our typical cook Friday/Saturday/Sunday & eat leftovers during the week. A meal out + a birthday means we need to get more creative. Luckily, our freezer is packed & needs to be eaten down anyway. As a result, we will only be cooking one dinner this week (chicken fiesta skillet) & the rest of the meals will be created from freezer things & leftovers. Should be easy!

Friday - birthday dinner, out (Greek food - yum!)
Saturday - baked chicken + empanadas (both from freezer)
Sunday - chicken fiesta skillet
Monday - leftover chicken tortellini
Tuesday - leftover chicken fiesta skillet
Wednesday - Pesto cheese tortellini + chicken
Thursday - leftovers, or soup/rolls
Friday - Sam's birthday party (pizza)

In other news, I've finally lost two pounds, and have been consistently working out. Now that I'm back & recovered from my jet lag, I also have a bit more energy. I will be (hopefully) having cupcakes today, but otherwise hope to keep the eating pretty in check.

Other big plans for today include checking out a few books from the library, & reading in the sunshine. Yay! Hope you have a relaxing Saturday!


  1. good work on losing the two pounds - its not easy!

  2. Good for you About the 2 pounds! Also great that you have frozen meals for quick dinners. With the guys back in regular season mode quick is essential (Yeah, cause I have been there, done that 3 x's over)