Monday, July 15, 2019

A Quiet House

It's so quiet around the house today! Although it's nice to have the time to get things done, I do definitely miss the sound of the boys around. And, who wouldn't miss morning hugs from Sam, who, at 13, still comes over & hugs me as soon as he gets up in the morning. *love*

So far today, I've made a trip to Goodwill (my first ever as a shopper vs donations) & picked up a piece of project furniture. I've never sanded/refinished anything before, so I want to practice before I try it on any of our nicer stuff. I spent $7 on a phone table. It's cute & vintage looking. I'll post before & after pictures, assuming I make anything of it.

I also posted a bunch of stuff on eBay, Nextdoor, & our Facebook marketplace. I haven't tackled the books yet, so those are up next. It felt good to get some stuff out of the closet & photographed. I also noticed one of the items had a small mark, so it went back into the wash to see if that could be removed.

I cleaned our patio chairs. Our neighbor has a tree which hangs way over our fence line, and drips some sort of sap onto the ground, plants, & the patio chairs. It's a bummer. Anyway, chairs & the small side table are now clean, & ready for action.

I also worked on my packing for our trip this weekend - picking out what I'm planning to wear, ensuring everything is clean & doesn't need a quick trip through the dry cleaning cycle (Dryel bags, in our dryer at home), etc.

I cobbled together lunch out of fridge/freezer items: Trader Joes edamame (love this stuff), Aidells pineapple & bacon sausage (M grilled these yesterday) & watermelon leftover from Nick's swimming event.

I can't do more yardwork until our bin gets emptied, so that will need to happen later in the week.

Up next: working out (inside, because it's almost 85 outside, which is too hot for this fair weathered girl).

What about you? What's happening in your world today?


  1. My day so far has been chaos and I have a headache. Whine, sniff, bitch.

    1. Fingers crossed that today is your day: a trifecta of productivity, relaxing & no drama!

  2. It is funny how loud silence can be isn't it.
    Today was cooler so I spent it baking some keto goods for the next few weeks. Everything is living in a ziploc bag in various stages of frozen.

    1. Nice! I am thinking about muffins, but used the early part of the day to run. I'll see if I can get some muffins made before it gets too warm. Good idea!

  3. It's Tuesday here and right at 2PM, it is 92! Not fun with A/C broken.

    Having sons is so terrific! They kiss their MOm for years;. I still get hugs from mine when I see them.