Monday, July 1, 2019

Menu plan Monday

The weather at the beach has been lovely, and the boys have been flying kites and enjoying the sunshine. My parents, sister, nephew & brother in law arrive on Tuesday, and we'll be hosting everyone for a few days.

Our goals while hosting are to keep things as easy as possible, while still putting on a great menu. I don't like a lot of fuss, and prefer to spend the time together, relaxing & enjoying. We also have big happy hours each evening, with special drinks for the kids, wine/beer for the adults, veggies & dip, cheese & crackers, etc.

Here's what we will be eating for dinners:

  • Monday - salmon & salad
  • Tuesday - pizzas & salad
  • Wednesday - crockpot carnitas + taquitos, chips & salsa
  • Thursday - burgers & hot dogs + potato salad
  • Friday - leftovers
  • Saturday - driving home, so either something on the road, or something out of the freezer. Dependent upon our arrival time. 
  • Sunday - tbd. I can't remember what we have in the freezer at home.
For breakfasts, we will have eggs, fruit & bagels. We'll make up a big pan of scrambled eggs in the morning, or the kids usually prefer breakfast sandwiches with my sister's homemade sausage patties. For lunches, we will put out sandwich fixings, chips, fruit, etc. We'll switch it up & do taco soup in the crockpot one day for lunch, along with the carnitas sides (chips, salsa, guac, etc). There will also be leftovers. We won't plan much for desserts, although Nick did mention that he wants to make ice cream sandwiches, so those will probably happen as well.

What about you? What will you be serving this week?


  1. It must be hard to leave your wonderful beach house - it sounds lovely!

    Summer finally arrived here in S. California, so menu planning has moved into outdoor grilling, and dinner-salad mode. This week we're having grilled carne asada with roasted corn, bell peppers and onions, blt salad, and eggplant parmesan. On the 4th we are biking to the beach to watch a parade, then attending a 4th of July celebration in the evening that will include dinner along with the fireworks. Looking forward to a great week!

    1. The beach house is so relaxing. We do try & work on it a bit here & there, because, like any house, it needs maintenance. But, it's so much more tempting to walk to town & get an ice cream cone... ;-)

  2. Simple suppers for us too. I need to use up some of the veggies in the fridge so salad, corn and bbq chicken tonight. Glad you are having a good time with your family!

  3. Your meal plan sounds wonderful for the beach. I hope you have a wonderful 4th week with your family!

    1. Thanks! We are looking forward to a nice & relaxing week.

  4. We are in the simple supper mode around here too as it is tech week and then performance week for Bill and Rebecca. They have to be at the theater every night right around the time we usually eat dinner so that is challenging... My plan so far is:
    Monday: BBQ shredded chicken in crockpot and coleslaw
    Tuesday: Tikka Masala (leftovers from freezer) and naan
    Wednesday: Salads with leftover chicken and veggies
    Thursday: Not sure yet what our plans are???
    Friday: Pizza and fruit
    Saturday: ?? Not sure as this is opening night for the play

    Have a great week!