Monday, July 8, 2019

Sabbatical goals - the half way point

I really can't believe that my sabbatical is half way over. It's gone so very, very fast! I've had so many great adventures, and spent so much time with my family. It's been lovely. But, I'm very aware of the time ticking away (in fact, when I realized I was half way done, I had anxiety dreams about going back to work last night). I want to take advantage of the time I have left, and be as productive as possible.

Here are the goals for the rest of my sabbatical, with a bit of status on each. Strike through represents completed projects.

  1. Create a plan for Sam, and get all paperwork to the doctor, lock in tutors, etc. - This is about 50% done. I know what needs to be done, but need to get everything sent in & get additional appointments set up. 
  2. Complete replacement project for all doors in the house.  - The doors have been ordered & paid for. We are waiting for them to come in & get installed. 
  3. Make all of our photo books (2018 since the boys were born) - No progress. 
  4. Deep clean our house. - Waiting until the doors are installed, as they will generate a bunch of dust.
  5. Deep clean the beach house 0 Done, minus carpet cleaning. 
  6. Go through our house & declutter - Maybe 10% done. 
  7. Declutter the beach house
  8. Have an adult trip with M - Yes, but we may adjust the location. 
  9. Take my mom to Las Vegas
  10. Run a half marathon
  11. Friends trip to Hawaii
  12. Girls trip with my mom - This is booked for August.
  13. Have lunch with friends - I've had lunch with six friends, & plan to continue.
  14. Complete four projects at the beach house - We replaced our patio set & fridge, have a bid for three other projects, and have ordered 1/2 of the supplies for another project.
  15. Complete two yard projects - I'm about 1/3 done with both.
  16. Organize all paperwork - No progress.
  17. Book holiday plans (flights, hotels for skiing, etc) - M & I just need to lock in final details.
  18. Fill out camp paperwork
  19. Work out consistently (yoga, running, strength training) - I've done pretty well with the yoga & strength training. Kicking off a new half marathon training plan this week.
  20. Order new light fixture for dining room - Not done.
  21. Buy new drapes for dining room - Not done.
  22. Complete the boys baby books - Not started.
  23. Update our financial models - Mostly  there, but need to update based on work plans.
  24. Wash the windows - Not started.
  25. Sell 10 items from around the house - Not started.
  26. Get an eye exam - Not done.
  27. Deal with new drivers license. - Need to make an appointment. 
  28. Clean & itemize fridge, freezer & pantry - Have done one pass, but many more in my future.
  29. Stock the freezer (meals, protein balls, muffins) - Nope.
  30. Come up with a squirrel solution for our plants. - Have tried a few things with moderate success.

Whew! That's a lot to do. But, I'm looking forward to getting things marked off, particularly those where I've made some progress, but am not yet done. What about you? Any major projects you hope to tackle this summer?


  1. I hope your sabbatical is going as you planned it would. It looks like you have done a lot already. I know I would have taken the first part for some well deserved R&R. It will be interesting when it is over to see how you felt about having extra time.

    1. It really is going well. It's a nice blend of relaxing time & vacations, plus generally just a slower pace than my life normally allows for. I'm really curious to see what it will be like to go back to work. I'm guessing....painful. I'm WAY more relaxed than normal.

  2. Wow, half over, I can see why that might stress you out but lots of time to still get your life organized and relax with your kids. Our reno for this year is pretty much done. We are only waiting on some furniture to be delivered but carpet has been installed/storage sheds/closet organized/spare bedroom set up. We will do a patio renovation/improvement next summer and some exterior house painting. We need to still paint a few interior walls but no rush - whenever it happens it happens. The carpet was the worst part.

    1. Ugh, carpet. We have carpet at our vacation house & it needs to be replaced due to plenty of wear. But, it's too difficult to get all of the furniture moved around & dealt with in such a limited period of time. Maybe in a few years!

      Congrats on being almost done with your reno!