Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June goals recap

June was a great month, with a trip to Hawaii, and several trips to the Oregon coast. Because of all the fun, it also means that less productive stuff got done around here. Oh well, plenty of fun was had! Here's what we got done in June:

1) Financial:

  • Stick to the budget. We were way over on groceries & dining out. :-( 
  • Come up with a new way to reduce what we need/spend on an ongoing basis. We bought everyone flasks, and have been consistently using them for errands, sports, as well as traveling. This has reduced our purchase of water & other beverages tremendously, and reduced our environmental impact. 
  • Make $500 in side hustle. $245. I thought I'd be paid for another item, but looks like that will carry over into July. 
  • Use up 5 freezer items from our house, & 5 from our vacation house. We definitely used more than ten, but can't remember the exact ratio: bagel bites, muffins, steak (x3), bagels, sandwich rolls, chicken cordon bleu, sausage, risotto, etc.
2) Family - spend more time together as a family!
  • Do one fun activity/month with the kids. We've been doing lots of kite flying!
  • Off the computer by 7:45 each evening. Yes, and I didn't use the computer at all for over a week.
  • Have two dates with M. Yes, we had dinner & watched the Warriors game while the kids were at an event, and had three happy hours out while the boys were with my parents. 
  • Continue meal prepping. Yes! This has continued to go well.
  • Plan & book our holidays. Nope, will move to July. We've discussed the dates & plans, just need to get the travel locked in. 
  • Get a plan together for Sam next year. I accomplished what I could, and spend a lot of time on this in June, but I need to chase some paper work, and set up the tutoring schedule/study topics. 
  • Finish camp paperwork - done!
  • Deep clean the entire house. Not done. I did the bathroom cabinets (one bathroom), but have quite a bit still to do. 
  • Complete two projects at the beach house. We ordered & set up a new patio set, & ordered a new fridge. We still have several other projects to complete. 
  • Finalize house projects & budget/schedule for work at our house. Mostly there. Still waiting on final dates for our doors. 

3) Fitness/health - lose 2 lbs. No scale at the beach house, but I'll be thrilled if I've maintained vs gained, given all of the vacations!
  • Run 12 times. Nope, only two times. The hot weather (at our house + in Hawaii) foiled this for most of the month. 
  • Track calories (1400/day) & eat 5 servings of fruit & veggies/day. Way over after vacations (1798/day), but I did manage 5.46 servings of fruit & veggies. 
  • Work out 35 times - I completed 32/35 workouts. At least I averaged more than one per day!
  • Meditate 10 times. I completed 5 meditations, all before the chaos of vacations began. 

4) Personal/creative.
  • Do something social. Yes, I met two friends for lunch, and went for a walk with another friend. 
  • Volunteer a minimum of 1x. Nope. I did increase my financial donations to a few places, as I couldn't find any time flexible volunteer options. 
  • Journal 15 times. I journaled 8 times. I was on a roll, but got off track during vacation. 
  • Read one non-fiction book. I totally forgot about this, so it didn't happen.
  • Tackle three projects from my sabbatical list:
    • Declutter beach house - yes
    • Deep cleaning beach house project - nope, will do this in July
    • Clean out clothes for myself/boys - yes

It was really a great month for fun, and fewer productivity wins. I'll take it, either way! Looking forward to getting a lot done in July! What about you? How did you do with your goals in June? Any that you will be carrying over to July?


  1. I think that fact that you are home with the boys is enough to negate all of these goals. Enjoy!

    1. Agree - it's been so much fun to spend time with them, and more time with my parents, sister, nephews, friends, etc. What a great opportunity to connect more with others.

  2. You did have a fun June. How's your face? All healed?

    1. I have one very small mark left on my cheek, and a scar across the bridge of my nose. I'm telling myself that they give me character. ;-)

  3. U;d focus on the things that bring you and your family joy and respite. Taking time just to be with a slimmed down list is perfectly fine use of time. I get it thought!

    1. Agreed. It's hard, because I want to maximize my time, and be productive, but I also want to relax & enjoy. I've been on vacation quite a bit, so now feel like I need to overindex more on productive for a few weeks at least