Friday, July 19, 2019

Frugal Friday

It's Friday, & I have a lot to share this week. Some weeks, I do almost nothing that make me feel frugal. Other weeks, I have a bunch!

I have quite a few things to share this week, so tried to group:

Saving on things we buy:

  • Picked up the Friday freebie at Lucky (sparkling flavored water - the kids will love it)
  • While I was there, I spotted packages of turkey sausages (12 oz) for $.99 on markdown. Sam loves sausage, so I thought these would make a good breakfast option. I bought two. I came back for more the next day (they were a huge hit), but other shoppers had scored all of the remaining packages.
  • Did a gift card deal (also at Lucky). Bought $300 of gift cards (Uber, Delta for upcoming travel) & earned a $60 Lucky gift card. Free groceries!
  • The boys current favorite snack (mini naan bread) was on sale for $.97 in a huge pack at Costco. We bought two for the freezer, as they reheat well.
  • When we discovered a great coleslaw recipe that we wanted to remake, priced out the ingredients to make the coleslaw mix myself (cabbage has varied quite a bit in price in our area) & found it was significantly cheaper to make on my own. Made coleslaw mix, with enough ingredients for 3-4 more batches. Around $5 cheaper than buying pre cut.
  • Used a $5/$25 promo on Monday, which I can normally not take advantage of due to my schedule. Stocked up on a few pantry staples

    Earning money:
    • Finally sold our telescope for $40
    • Sold three items on eBay, and relisted another that didn't sell
    • Listed six new items on eBay, 1 in our neighborhood Facebook swap, and 2 on Nextdoor

      Avoiding purchases/spending:
      • Nick made homemade brownies (no mix, & they were one of the best brownies I've tasted) & I cut up a watermelon we brought back from Oregon. He took these to share with friends at a swimming event, vs buying snacks to bring or having food delivered/purchased. 
      • Ate through much of the food we brought back from the Oregon coast, which was satisfying, cost effective & made me feel good about reducing waste. I didn't use a few pieces of corn in time, unfortunately, but the rest was incorporated into various meals & snacks
      • Drove our electric car to drop off the kids at camp - about two hours round trip of driving
      • Typically when the kids are at camp, we take the opportunity to go out & have date nights. We will be doing that on vacation, but decided on Sunday to avoid our normal winery stop & dinner out. Instead, we came home, M grilled a few things, I made coleslaw & we ate at home with a few glasses of wine. It was lovely. So lovely, in fact, that we repeated it on Monday & Tuesday. This saved us quite a bit, but also used up food we already had. Win/win!
      • I returned two things I bought for camp, as we were able to make do with things we already had. When I was doing the returns (Rite Aid & Target), I just did the returns & successfully bought...nothing!
      • Ate chicken chowder for lunch. I'd unearthed this from the freezer, and was able to mark something off of my goals list (my ongoing challenge to get items out of the freezer) & avoided buying or wasting food.


      1. Good for you. I really need to do a run through of the freezers and see what I can use up. I just found a quart of frozen strawberries I will put in a cake this weekend.

      2. Good deal on those sausages! Good for you for figuring out the homemade coleslaw was cheaper. Amy D used to always figure out which was was cheaper. I hope you have a great weekend.

      3. What a great deal on the gift cards and the sausages too!

        Yes, usually buying the cabbage is cheaper than buying a mix. But sometimes I get lazy and just have to get the mix.

        Nice Ebay sales. Hubby has a never used telescope that I should sell. It was a gift when he retired.

        Yeah for Nick's brownies. Does he like to bake? My oldest son did all of our baking when he was growing up.