Wednesday, May 5, 2021

April Goals Recap

April certainly sped by, didn't it?! Well, here we are at the end of the month & I barely remember what I accomplished. 

Here goes!


  • Stick to the budget - we were over a bit in dining out & gas, due to our trip to Sonoma & my parents driving a bit, but otherwise did well. We kept the grocery budget largely in check, which is great progress. 
  • Make $400 in side hustle - Yes! I made $484 in April. 
  • No clothing purchases for myself - no clothing purchases for me
  • Finish plan for house pay down to 75% - this will largely be covered by our vacation house sale
  • Come up with plan, timing, etc for selling our vacation house - yes!
  • Finalize timing for house project here - M has been really busy with work, so we have the project picked out, and the budget sorted, but no additional progress

  • Plan one fun activity with the kids - we took the kids to ice cream, and on a few walks
  • Off the computer by 7:30 each evening - I've been slipping a bit here & there, and need to refocus on this
  • One date with M (it's actually a weekend away in April!) - we had a fantastic weekend together in Sonoma!
  • Make a video or send photos to M's parents - I sent pictures
  • Finalize summer plans - largely done, camps booked, travel plans arranged
  • Enjoy my parents visit - we had a great time, despite some of the complexities (we work from home, everyone in the house, etc)

  • Lose 2 lbs - I maintained in April
  • Run 10 times - I only ran 5 times
  • Track calories, eat a balanced diet, & average 1390 calories (per day) in April - I finished at 1489/day, so 100 calories/day over my goal. Sonoma & my girls weekend were both responsible for the overall overage. 
  • Complete 1400 minutes of cardio & daily strength & posture challenges - I was 975 minutes of cardio (400 minutes below March), so not a great month. I did okay on strength & posture, but need to increase my consistency
  • Meditate 15 times - 13 times
  • Intermittent fasting, 3x/week - yes
  • When I'm tempted to snack, due a 3 minute meditation or take a walk around the block - I did not do this


  • Practice Spanish at least 20 days - yes
  • Do something social with friends - I had a girls trip
  • Continue daily check ins of volunteer job - yes
  • Write & journal regularly - I journaled regularly, but didn't complete any creative writing
  • No swearing - there were some DAYS, but overall, this is so much improved. Not perfect, but greatly improved
  • Do something crafty - I did lots of yard work & gardening, but nothing crafty
  • Achieve 400 "points" on my daily checklist - I was not very productive, with 304 points. Traveling really gets me off of my routine & schedule. 
  • Continue looking for opportunities to help others - there were several wins for the month, including donations, helping a neighbor, and giving away a lot to my local community (fulfilling asks, etc)

And, that was the April recap. It was a month where there was a little "back to normal". M & I were out of town for a weekend together, we had house guests, & I went to our vacation house to get it ready to sale. It's a good reminder how much I rely on consistency to get things done, & my need to be adaptable when that can't happen for #reasons.

What about you? How did you do with your April goals? 


  1. April went by fast, I did not do well with the walking challenge we have with my coworkers, need to find the motivation again. I was able to help friends with paperwork and tax returns, We had a break in at husband's business, not much damage but a hassle with the insurance company. I hope May will be more laid back and it has started well: I have finally received my first vaccine shot yesterday.Ontario is finally ramping it up.
    Great progress on your goals regardless of travelling and good luck with selling the vacation house, the market seems to be really hot in most places.

    1. The market is absolutely nuts.

      So sorry to hear about the break in at your husband's business. That sounds awful.

      Great news about your vaccine! Hope you're feeling okay.

  2. I think you did a fantastic job! The only goals I had for April were sticking with the grocery budget, doing the A-Z challenge and continuing with my daily exercise - accomplished all! :)

    1. Nice work! Some months, a few goals to focus on is just the ticket.

  3. April was a fast month with my daughter home a few days, Easter, and then trying to catch up with work. You did so well in so many areas. ?Your trip was worth the extra expense.