Thursday, May 27, 2021

Planning for the long weekend

I have tomorrow off work, as well as Monday, so I'm overjoyed at the thought of a long weekend. I also have plenty to do. 

Jotting it down for myself, as much as anyone else.

  1. Meet a friend for a hike (Friday)
  2. Return a top to TJ Maxx. I don't need it (I was there to get shorts for the kids), so back it goes.
  3. Some sort of workout (Sunday)
  4. Make zucchini muffins
  5. Drop off takeout containers to a woman who collects them for meals for the homeless.
  6. Go through all of my eBay stuff & decide what I'm going to list, donate or give away. Update pricing.
  7. Clean my closet
  8. Take the kids mini golfing
  9. Read by the pool
  10. Go for two runs (Saturday/Monday)
  11. Work on our Hawaii plans
  12. Move the kids second vaccines (they both have finals/standardized tests)
  13. Organize my schedule for next week
  14. Figure out Sam's summer soccer league
  15. Work out soccer camp drop off & pickup (add to work calendars)
  16. Figure out travel plans for my return trip to Portland in July (nephew's graduation/birthday, & picking up our kids)
  17. Follow up with the realtor on inspection & appraisal
  18. Wrap up May goals.
  19. Set June goals
  20. Call Comcast, who raised our rates. I spent 45 minutes on hold with an agent, who told me she'd fixed it, but when I clicked in to "agree" to the new plan, it was even more than before. I'll try again over the phone this time. Sigh. They make it really hard, don't they?

If I get all of that done, it will be amazing, and I feel very good heading into next week. Fingers crossed. What about you? How are you planning to spend the weekend and/or bonus day off, if you have one? 


  1. I have an extra-long weekend too! Aren't they fantastic? Funny, but they somehow also seem to give me an energy boost that's almost as good as a 'proper' holiday. Like a push of a reset button. :) I've made a list, too, although it's not quite as energetic as yours (nos 3 & 10 are the same, though, aren't they?). Have a lovely weekend break! xx

    1. Good catch! I'm with you - the extra long weekends make all the difference. I've gotten quite a bit done today, and hope to spend some of the rest of the day relaxing a bit!